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We blog on insurance in Ireland. We don’t offer financial advice or products on this website.

It can be confusing knowing what decisions to make regarding insurance. But we are here to help along your journey. We blog regularly on insurance and finance news in Ireland. We are not a regulated body and we don’t offer any direct advice on insurance. You should contact a regulated member of the central bank of Ireland if you need insurance advice.

What is insurance? The best way to think of what insurance is would be to think about a seat belt in your car. Why do you have one? Why do you wear it when you drive? It is for those uncertain incidences that can occur, like a finder-bender that might cause you to be tossed around in the vehicle where you could hit your head on the dash, the rear view mirror, or other obstacle, causing you (or others) to sustain an injury. Insurance is similar to this in that it allows you to protect yourself from the unforeseen situations that can cause damage or injury (including loss of life, loss of limbs, loss of assets and property, or other losses).


LIFE INSURANCE – Life insurance is insurance that you take out on yourself that will go to your beneficiaries (usually your family) in the event of your death. It ensures that they would be taken care of in the event of your death and that your debts and bills would be paid off, so that the burden of this would not be passed onto them.

HEALTH INSURANCE- Health insurance covers a wide range of medical illnesses, including accidents, hospital costs, doctor’s costs, and medicine that you may require due to certain illnesses. There is major medical insurance (for major health and catastrophic illness), as well as supplemental health that you can get to fill in the gaps for what major medical does not cover.

MOTOR INSURANCE- Motor Insurance covers both liability and collision of your car and other vehicles in the event of an accident. You are required to carry some form of liability insurance so check the regulations in your area. We can direct you to where you can find an appropriate car insurance to cover your vehicles and advise you on the best coverage amounts as well.

PROPERTY INSURANCE- Property insurance covers the loss of property, including homeowners’ insurance, jewelry, and even electronics and pets. Some of these (such as pet and electronics insurance) fall under the category of “miscellaneous” coverages but they are available if you want to insure these items.


Insurance is there to protect you from loss, increase your overall estate wealth, and give you security and peace of mind for the future. As a general rule, you should always way the amount you are paying out in premiums with the likelihood of loss and make your decision based on that.


We blog about people’s personal experiences with insurance and just general information on some ways people can save money on insurance. You may see adverts throughout our website from insurance providers. They are paying to show up on our site or they are following you around the internet because of Google remarketing. We don’t support or advice you to use these advertisers. Please be aware you should do your own due diligence when choosing an insurance provider or broker.

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