young drivers car insurance

Young & New Drivers Car Insurance

Even during the first year of insurance, one in five drivers below the age of twenty-five will be involved in a major accident. Very young drivers are going to represent something of a severe liability for all insurance companies. The high accident rate among young drivers has a lot of different explanations behind it. For

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how much does car insurance cost

How much does car insurance cost?

When you’re ready to get car insurance and you start shopping around you should take a moment to think about everything that affects the price you’re going to pay. There are six different characteristics that are going to play a part in how much money you’re going to pay. Some of them you’re able to

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best smart watches in 2019

Best Smartwatch in 2019

The technological advancements have led to the evolving of advanced equipment like smartwatches. A smartwatch is a main mainstream in technology. Statistics show that approximately 35million smartwatches are expected to have been purchased by the end of 2018. There are a number of high tech smartwatches that you can choose from. They include Apple watches,

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Cheap van insurance ireland

Van Insurance in Ireland: A Starter Guide

Van Insurance In the Republic of Ireland you must have van insurance to drive legally. The minimum coverage is third-party limited insurance; auto insurance is attached to the driver of the vehicle, not the vehicle itself, so it is important to maintain that minimum coverage. The only exception would be if you have a Statutory

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life insurance underwriting

Insurance Underwriting – Fully Explained

Underwriting refers to the process of issuance of an insurance policy whereby various factors such as age, medical history, gender, physical condition and financial background are evaluated to determine the risk class for proposed insured. Insurance underwriter is an employee or an agent of an insurance company carrying out this process to issue an insurance

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motor home and caravan insurance

Caravan & Motor Home Insurance in Ireland

Whether your caravan spends most of its time touring around the beautiful Irish countryside or purring up and down the motorways of Ireland, the UK and beyond, you can find great value caravan insurance or motorhome insurance by ensuring you talk to at least 4 different companies. Caravan insurance used to be available only from

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nct testing centres galway

NCT Testing Galway

There’s a few NCT testing centres in Galway. According the the Irish Times the Clifden NCT testing centre has the highest failure rate at 61.3%. Although a high failure rate is present here they’re trying to make the roads a safer place and ensure their cars meet a minimum standard. List of NCT Testing Centres

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