How to start a business in ireland.

How to Start a Business in Ireland

Ireland is among the most entrepreneurial countries in Europe. Starting a business in Ireland doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to plenty of information offered by the government and entrepreneurship communities. You don’t have to have a lot of experience to start your business in Ireland as numerous online resources offer programs and courses that

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sole trader ireland

Sole Trader in Ireland

A sole trader is anyone that starts and operates their own business. Sole traders in Ireland are legally inseparable from their companies. They, therefore, have unlimited liability in case the business incurs any debts which means that sole trader has to pay for any debts that their companies incur. What is the Process of Setting

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nct testing centres galway

NCT Testing Galway

There’s a few NCT testing centres in Galway. According the the Irish Times the Clifden NCT testing centre has the highest failure rate at 61.3%. Although a high failure rate is present here they’re trying to make the roads a safer place and ensure their cars meet a minimum standard. List of NCT Testing Centres

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