travel insuranceIn all the excitement of preparing for a trip away, it can be easy to forget to organise those essentials such as travel insurance. Whether you opt for an annual policy or single trip cover, travel insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection from unforeseen circumstances such as hospital bills, lost luggage and delayed flights.

Why should you buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance can cost as little as just a few Euros but has the potential to save you thousands. Here are a few examples of how travel insurance can protect you whilst away:

  • Loss of baggage and personal possessions – travel insurance can provide invaluable cover for the theft, damage or accidental loss of your possessions.
  • Cancellations – you may need to cancel a trip before you depart or cut a holiday short due to illness, damage to your home or a family bereavement.
  • Medical expenses – no one wants to spend any of their time away in hospital, but being hit with a hefty bill once you return home can make a bad situation even worse. Travel insurance can cover the cost of both treatments and transportation costs back to Ireland.

Single-trip policy

While taking a holiday you can take out a single-trip travel insurance policy. If you’re only leaving the country once in a year this is the policy probably best suited to you. Situations can happen outside of your control overseas and it’s best to cover yourself.

This policy is very good cover for events such as lost luggage, your vacation or flight being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, or even in the event of theft overseas. You should know exactly what is covered when you go to a travel insurance company. Research it thoroughly before you go overseas so you know what is happening.

It’s a great way to enjoy your annual holiday simply by giving you the knowledge you’re covered if you go overseas.

Annual Multi-Trip Policy for the Jetsetter!

Multi-trip policies cover the most of the same things your single trip insurance does with the added bonus lasting for multi trips abroad. If you’re traveling overseas regularly this is probably a good option to go with.

Insurance companies will generally do a deal with you on this policy based on the number of trips you intend to go on. It’s best to talk to an insurance provider on this occasion. You could be asked about the nature of your trips, how dangerous a country is etc. I’ve had this policy for many years and enjoy it.

Extended Stay Policy for World Travellers


Does as it says on the tin. If you intend to stay in a country for an extended period of time your travel insurance company should be informed of this decision and will offer you the extended stay policy. If you plan on extending a trip to catch more sights this is a nice runner.