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Rats in New York

The rat problem in New York is outrageous. Rats in New York have been reported since about or around 1944. These rodents were rarely seen in daylight.

Now back in 1944 there was two types of rodents reported one being the brown rat or Norway rat family and the other being a black rat.

As years passed the brown rat was more aggressive and slowly displaced the other species by attacking and killing or by taking food and shelter from the black rat.

sewer rats in New York City
New York Sewer Rats

Now the brown rat just happens to be nocturnal and sleeps just about ten hours every day. The black rat is between five to seven inches long and weighs only 2.5 to 8 onces compared to the average brown rat which is sixteen inches long and weighs in about one pound.

Even though the brown rat can get up to twenty inches long and grow to weigh about two pounds.

That’s much bigger than the black rat. They can survive off of only one once of food and water a day. The brown rat can squeeze through quarter sized holes because of the plate not being together in their skulls so it can change its shaped to fit in little spaces.

They can leap remarkably four feet to the side and fall five stories with no injuries. Their masteries include for the adults treading water for three days and they are capable of chewing threw pipes and cinder block.

They burrow to build their nests in soft dirt just below ground level. They have families or colonies of thirty to fifty rats and have about nine rats to each burrow. They almost never go more than four hundred feet away from their main food source or supply.

They rarely travel in a lifetime more than six hundred feet away from their main food source. They also wont travel more than six hundred feet away from where they were born.

They only live for about one year and start to mate around two or three months having litters or pups of up to twelve at a time while giving birth every two months.

Recently the rat infestation has grown faster than normal due to the city’s budget cut and wasteful food disposal.

A hundred and thirty three rats were collected and check for pathogens and the results showed that the rats carry pathogens that can cause serious illnesses especially in children. They carry bacteria that causes food poisoning and serious and fatal fevers.

Due to the increase of numbers in these rodents it increases the exposure to hair and droppings and urine that can lead to a higher risk of allergies and asthma.

Now the way that the disease from the rats is spread to the humans or pets is from saliva, urine, and or feces. Which is crazy cause with the amount of rats and their abilities make it difficult to stay away from all three.

A few things to look for when dealing with the pathogens and diseases that spread from them to you is diarrhea vomiting and fevers. If you ever get bit by one make sure to be seen right away they can give you rat-bite fever which can be fatal.

The bacteria can also cause cat-scratch fever and Carron disease. They also almost always use the same routes for their food sources.

There is a common urban legend about New York and these rats.

Rat in Flower Pot by New York Appartment
Rat in Flower Pot by New York Appartment

That there five times as many rats as people. Well in 2014 scientist were able to prove that wrong. See before they had no way to measure the number of rats that were in New York. They measured the population of rats to people in New York is twenty four percent.

That would make the rat population to about two million compared to the eight million people in New York.

Now in 2013 there were inspections in five boroughs that had eleven thousand for active rat signs or around twelve percent.

Animal planet named New York City in 2014 the worst rat city in the world. Also in 2014 Bobby Corrigan a rodentologist called New York USA’s number one Petropolis. It has gotten bad enough that the rodents are going into to people’s cars and actually eating the electrical wires.

You can’t really point blame to anyone in this infestation issue either. Studies have shown that compared to other cities New York is well suited for rats.

The conditions that contribute to these infestation is the accumulation of garbage and the waste materiel which is the responsibility of the government and health department and also the people living in them cities do something to help.

The water which nothing can be done about the water. Garbage that should be in tightly covered cans that are metal or rat resistant then plastic which is easier for them to chew through.

The problem with the rats has been longstanding. There was a printing in the New York times about an infant having its one foot and part of its face ate by rodents. This Article is from 1860.

The New York City Health department decided in 1921 to undertake a anti rat campaign.

These Rodents are know to take over restaurants after they close and enter apartments threw the toilet.

They have attacked homeless people and eaten corpse or cadavers in the city morgue. They attack little kids for the food around there mouth they have been known to bite them for it. The worse of it all the main victims are babies especially when left alone with food or a bottle.

A fire station has been condemned and demolished back in 2003 due to an infestation from these rodents. A lot of the recent events with these Rodents have been caught lately a lot on tv and the has been posted on you tube or other internet sites. One morning back in 2007 a news station showed a live report. Now in this report there happen to be rats taken over a pair of fast food restaurants.

New York Subway Rodent
New York Subway Rodent

Now this happened in Greenwich Village. Now one of the fast food places was over ran so bad that you could see the rats in groups from the street looking in the window. There was a video posted on you tube back in 2015 of a rat running off with a slice of pizza in the subway.

New York Rat Loving Some Pizza

Now the New York department of health has been recognized the rat infestation problem. They have been making various attempts to control their presence. Now they know they will never be fully gone but to eliminate the situation some is the goal.

Now the city cuts it budget for rodent control to one point five million. This was done due to a two billion dollar deficit in 2010.

New York made an announcement back in 2013 that authorities would try a plan for mass sterilization. Now to do this they would have to release a chemical that is suppose to neutralize the reproductive system in the female. They say that the chemical would be released through bait stations. They also say it was suppose to gradually shrink the numbers that the female rodent would be able to have.

The New York City mayor Bill de Blasio declared war in 2017 against the rats.

Now by declaring this war with them he got the city council to mobilize and mint thirty two million for rat extermination. Now from what I have read Mayor de Blasio had recently worked to improve the rodent issue as well.

He started a 400,000 pilot program for rodent control. This has started in seven neighborhoods. Now the seven neighborhoods that this experiment was used on say they saw an eighty to ninety percent drop in rat sightings. they are now preparing for a three million dollar city wide of this experiment.

Central Park Bench Rats
Rat in Central Park Bench

Last year the rat sightings had dropped by nine percent. Then the first four months of 2019 showed that 4,612 rat sightings where reported compared to last years 4,508 in first four months. Basically even after the 32 million dollars that taxpayers funded the rat population has gone up by 70 percent since 2010.

I do believe though that with the help of the residents and the government plus the health department that New York can get rid of a lot of that rat population. Pick up liter or throw away your liter when walking past a trash can.

Also put all trash in metal garbage cans. Tightly sealed and make sure that the bags are closed or tied properly and no lose trash in the trash can. Put all food away immediately and make sure that the babies stayed cleaned up.

Call the 311 numbered that is offered to you so that the state has records of all the sightings so they know what is or what is not working.

Also help by bating them and trapping them.

There are eight million people in the area that has been studied and two million rodents in the same area I think that if everyone would set up traps or bait or help with anything on this list New York could get rid of the rodents without having to spend anymore of the taxpayer dollars.

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