walk the plank rat trap

Walk the Plank Rat Trap

If you have -or suspect you have – a rodent problem in your house, there are multiple ways to deal with the issue. A quick google search will show you many ways to deal with rats.

The main thing about these results is the constant theme within them: Lethality. The most common ways to deal with rats or other rodents involve poison and deadly traps.

If you have little kids or pets, they could try to play with or eat the poison, potentially killing something other than a rat. If you use traps, a little boy or girl, a cat or a dog could potentially injure themselves playing with it or touching it.

The usage of deadly tools when it comes to rodent infestations could bring you more problems than the ones it will solve.

Even if you use poison and the rat manages to eat it, he can and probably will crawl to a hidden space, perhaps unreachable, where he will die and decompose, leaving a nasty rat smell that will be hard to clean.

All of these problems and situations are easily avoidable with Walk the Plank Mouse Trap. An inexpensive but overall efficient way to deal with rodents.

Why would you buy this trap and won’t buy other commonly used traps or poisons?

It all comes down to practicality: Walk the Plank Mouse Trap doesn’t use any poison at all and lures the rodents to their imprisonment in a bucket via a sophisticated lever system.

When the rat gets lured with peanut butter (or any other bait), the trap will trigger a switch and make it fall into a bucket, permanently trapping it in there until you decide when and where to release it.

Unlike common traps, like the glue trap or the snap trap, Walk the Plank Mouse Trap has a %100 chance of being reused for future problems.

Why would you want to buy a lot of basic traps and place them all over your house -potentially endangering others- when one Walk the Plank Mouse Trap can deal with the whole problem by itself? Every time a rat falls into the bucket, the lever resets its position and it will be ready to wait for its next victim, automatically.

It is that easy! Don’t worry about blood splattering or having to deal with a rat cut in half, the only thing that needs to be cleaned up is the bucket and the lever. And they are both easy to clean.

You can choose whether to trap or kill the rat, without touching it.

The Walk the Plank Mouse Trap gives you the option to mix the bait with poison and then trapping the rat in the bucket.

You will terminate the rodent issue permanently and avoid the problem of rats crawling inside secluded spaces to die. You won’t have to search for a dead body all over the house!

Walk the Plank Mouse Trap is made with great materials to avoid any issues with the entrapment. It’s made with natural wood to avoid any sturdiness problems while the rat walks toward its cage.

The rodent will have no problem walking past the point of no return while chasing his bait and falling into the bucket!

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