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Affiliate & Advertising Policies

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing for years. I’ve mainly focused on campaign development and customer journeys.

I decided to start a blog on things I’m interested in Business, Technology, Lifestyle products and to even give some personal tips on how I’ve save money.

The main reason I’ve started a blog is to enhance my editorial and copy skills which are not at an expert level if I’m honest (I appreciate any feedback on spelling or grammatical errors).

To fund the blog I’m using Google Adsense for ads and Affiliate Marketing programmes to earn a commission.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense allows Google to serve ads on my website that may be of value to the visitor. I don’t control the ads served. Google displays ads based on website subject or user interest.

If you don’t like ads you see can control what you see by clicking the top right hand corner and select the option ‘don’t show me this ad again’.

Affiliate Marketing

I’m a member of various merchant affiliate marketing programmes to help fund my blogging time. I try to keep my affiliate marketing links to companies I’ve used in the past but I will mention cool products or services I think could be useful to visitors.

If there’s any products or services you’ve had an issue with. You can send me on any complaints or suggestions to info@fetch.ie and I’ll try and resolve / respond as quickly as possible.

Guest Posting

I’m ok with receiving guest posting for other companies. I ensure to comply by search engine guidelines and place ‘rel=sponsored’ on any outgoing links to companies.

The Guest posts must be relevant and topical to the overall blog theme.