nct testing centres galway

NCT Testing Galway

There’s a few NCT testing centres in Galway. According the the Irish Times the Clifden NCT testing centre has the highest failure rate at 61.3%.

Although a high failure rate is present here they’re trying to make the roads a safer place and ensure their cars meet a minimum standard.

List of NCT Testing Centres Galway

NCT Centre Clifden

clifden nct centre
Here’s the location of Clifden NCT Testing Centre

Site Of Clifden Mart Ltd,
Galway Road,

Phone: 01-4135992 

Opening Hours of Clifden NCT Centre


Monday 8am – 4:30pm
Tuesday 8am – midnight
Wednesday 8am – midnight
Thursday 8am – midnight
Friday 8am – midnight
Saturday Closed
Sunday 9am – midnight


Galway NCT Centre

galway nct centre
Here’s the Location of the Galway NCT Testing Centre

Merlin Commercial Pk,
Merlin Pk.

Phone: 01-4135992 

Opening Hours of Galway NCT Testing Centre

Monday 7am – 10:25pm
Tuesday 7am – 10:25pm
Wednesday 7am – 10:25pm
Thursday 7am – 9:10pm
Friday 8am – 10:20pm
Saturday 7am – 9:05pm
Sunday 8am – 7:30pm

Some Tips during your NCT in Galway

Bring your vehicle registration book to your NCT in Galway. The Testing centre can refuse to test your car if you don’t have this document with you.

You need to have identification with you to prove you’re the owner of the car. They prefer a licence upon request however a passport with also do.

Most importantly, you need to bring payment with you if you haven’t done it online already. It’s a good idea to pay online incase you forget to bring payment.