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I’ve had my home office set up going for a few years now and every now and then I love a change. It might be changing the paint of home office or it could be updating the equipment.

It’s getting to the stage I need to upgrade everything and luckily I’ve been saving enough to get my dream set up. I’ve put together my shopping cart of the perfect office set up.

The Home Office Desk

the perfect home office desk

Name: Amazon Brand – Movian Ems 3-Drawer Writing Desk, 152.4 x 60 x 76.2cm, Light Brown Oak-Effect/Black Metal.

I had an oak desk and I think the colour suits but I wanted a more modern look. I also want to ensure I had the proper drawer set up.

After reading through multiple reviews and measuring up my home office, I found this desk was the one I loved the most.

I like the way it’s stable and light weight for moving around if I need to. It’s also a nice feature incase I ever need to move it to the living room.

The Home Office Chair

the perfect office chair

Name: Hbada Office Chair Desk Chair Flip-up Armrest Ergonomic Task Chair Compact 120° Locking 360° Rotation Seat Surface Lift Reinforced Nylon Resin Base, Black.

My colleague bought this chair for her home office and it’s way more comfortable than my current leather one. The lumbar support is something that is particularly attractive to me at the moment. I’m hitting the mid 30’s and my posture is something I’m concerned about.

It has a sleek design can be adjusted easily. There’s two different styles to match different decorative styles of your home office. The ergonomic backrest fits naturally into the curve of your lower back and can ease spinal pains with the support.

The Perfect Home Office Laptop

macbook pro for your home office

For me, it’s always going to be the Macbook Pro. Some people hate make but because I like to focus on design and video editing on Final Cut I’ve always used a mac.

I’ve included the link to the next version I wanted to purchase. The 16gb of ram ensures it has the speed and rendering I need for video production.

It’s pricey but the spec is exactly what I want for home office use at the moment.

The Perfect Home Office Monitor

ASUS ROG Strix XG43VQ 43.4 inch LED 1ms Gaming Curved Monitor – 3840 x 1200 Resolution, 1ms Response, Speakers, HDMI

I admit this is a bit extravagant but I want it. I’m used to a laptop and a monitor but I had the pleasure of using my cousins 34 inch curved monitor and it’s on the office bucket list.

This is an item I keep saying, I don’t need but if it encourages me to work more then it’s worth the investment.

Cian Murphy

Cian Murphy

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