imagine Broadband Review

Imagine Broadband Review

Check out our guide on Imagine Broadband. We will explore what Imagine Broadband offers its customers in Ireland today. What services do they provide, and is it any good?

Who is Imagine Broadband?

Imagine Broadband was set up in 1993 and has been an innovator and strong investor in both Irish and European fixed, wireless and mobile telecoms markets.

Imagine use WTTx 5G ready broadband rather than FTTH. They are seen as a game changer in the industry and a big competitor to traditional fixed-line telecom companies. Imagines WTTX network can deliver high speed and high capacity broadband to over one million homes in Ireland. They currently provide 74% of national rural coverage. They are seen as a fantastic solution to slow broadband speeds in rural areas in Ireland.

In 1019 Imagine started rolling out their 5G broadband which helped people in underserved areas reach high broadband speed. They sped their timeline up due to the fixed wireless internet, WTTx. This doesn’t require any installation of FTTP cables, so it is much cheaper and takes less time to set up for new customers.

What is FTTP?

FTTP is Fibre to the Premises or Fibre to the home (FTTH). The involves digging up roads and pavements to install fibre optic cables into your home. Imagine preferring to use a wireless signal from a tower to connect homes around Ireland to the internet. You may see a lot of vans digging up roads recently due to the NBI rollout, which Imagine are not involved in.

The Benefits of Using Imagine Broadband

There is a range of benefits to signing up to Imagine Broadband. They make getting reliable and high-speed service easy.

  • As stated earlier, there are no cables or lines. It’s a quick and simple installation of a device that connects you to their network.
  • You can enjoy a massive 1TB of Data, so you have no limitations on streaming or gaming with friends. Your whole family can use it without worrying about how much you are using individually.
  • They have a powerful Wifi router that can keep all the devices in your home connected, from gaming in one room to streaming the latest series while Dad is on a work call.

Business Broadband with Imagine

Imagine provide business broadband coverage to over 32,000 communities in rural Ireland. For those businesses that lack broadband speeds, Imagine helps you enhance your services and business capabilities with their high-speed network.

Business Broadband

Benefits of using Imagine Broadband for Your Business

Imagine will keep you connected at all times, no matter the location. Their 5G network will keep you connected to your customers if you’re working from home, a restaurant, an office or anywhere else.

There is no construction needed at your office or restaurant to install the broadband connection. They will send out their engineers, and you will get connected in no time without the need for cables or lines.

With Imagine’s high=speeds, you can confidently host a Zoom call and showcase your business to those around the country and the world. It can be quite embarrassing when your connection drops or you lag out of your own meeting, so switching to imagine will give you peace of mind.

Rural Broadband

Broadband can be a huge issue for those living in rural communities. They often lack the speeds that those in cities are receiving. This tends to hinder those in rural areas from doing simple daily tasks such as streaming movies and gaming online with friends. It can be very frustrating for kids who simply want to play online with their friends. Imagine can now provide you with rural broadband if you live in Donegal, Leitrim or Galway. You can also use their coverage checker to see if Imagine is available in your rural area.

5G Speeds

As we mentioned earlier, imagine using WTTx, a wireless broadband solution. They use a 5G solution, which is ten times faster than 4G, so you can transfer large files in seconds rather than minutes. You can also stream movies with your family

How Much does it Cost?

For Home, it costs €59.99 per month. For that price, you will receive the following:

  • Massive 1 Terabyte downloads
  • Download speeds of up to 150Mb
  • Free local, national & UK landline calls
  • Free 60 minutes to Irish mobiles

For Business, it costs €48.77, which excludes VAT. Your business will receive the following:

  • Download speeds of up to 150Mb
  • Massive 1 Terabyte downloads
  • Free 60 minutes to Irish mobiles
  • Free Static IP address on request
  • Connect up to 100 devices at once

Imagine Broadband Reviews

I have had Imagine at home for a few years, there was a small issue at the start, and I have to say that I was a little unimpressed at the response time to replace it. That being said, I have had good speed and consistency ever since. I recently ordered a connection for my office on a Wednesday. I was told it would take 10 to 14 days to be installed. On Thursday, I was phoned again to say they could install it for me on Friday at about 1 pm. The guys arrived an hour early and were gone by 1 pm. They were more than helpful and put the equipment exactly where I wanted it with minimal disruption. – Maple L

Quick, clean and powerful broadband. A life saver in our home, we had HORRENDOUS broadband. Professional installers, no inconvenience at all. Highly recommend Imagine. – Deirdre H

The guys that came to install the receiver and setup the internet were great to deal with, answered all my questions. On top of that we’re getting huge download speeds from the mast. We installed the receiver on a pole away from the house and it turned out great. So far so good! – Matthew M.