How To Make Money on Upwork

How To Make Money on Upwork 

On Fetch, we talk about money online in detail. We are totally for setting up your own side hustle. It’s a way to earn a bit of extra cash. Maybe you’re a student who wants to earn some money while learning? A great place for students and individuals to earn money online is Upwork. In this post, we will give you a full guide on how to make money on Upwork. Upwork is a platform for businesses to find professionals and agencies worldwide. 

On Upwork, clients look for freelancers in areas such as graphic design, web design, video editing, writing and much more. The site helps freelancers find projects, communicate with clients and get paid for their work. 

Upwork makes it easy to find jobs and make money. We will go through the various steps to set up a great profile so you can make money on Upwork straight away. 

Set up a Great Profile 

Your profile is very similar to a CV for prospective employers. Without one, you won’t get any work as the employer will know nothing about you.

You will have to fill out the job type you’d like to do. Aswell as that you have to note the specific areas you are skilled in and your level of expertise. You should be honest. There’s nothing to gain by saying you have more expertise or skills than you do. If you can’t deliver on a job you get, then your account on Upwork could be closed or put on hold. 

Add a clear headshot of yourself. We would recommend a photo with you in a clear background like a wall. Add a detailed description of your background. Give as much information as you can. After all, you’re trying to sell yourself and your skills. If you have a portfolio, then you can share this link. You can also share any other relevant links or examples of work.

If you want, you can fill in your education details. List the number of hours you’re willing to work next and your preferred rate. 

It typically takes about 24 hours for your profile to be accepted. Once Upwork verifies your profile, it’s time to make money on Upwork. 

Choose Your Membership Plan

There are two membership plans for Upwork freelancers: Basic and Plus.


The basic plan is free. To connect with potential clients, you will have to pay. It is $0.15 for each Connect. A “Connect” is Upwork’s internal tokens. They are used to submit proposals to potential clients. 140 Connects can be rolled over each month. 

If a client reaches out to you for a job, it will be free. No Connects are needed. The more comprehensive your profile looks, the better your chances are that you will receive job offers from potential clients. What can help you stand out? Showing some of your best work or highlighting your specific work experience may help you stand out from others. 


 You will get everything from the basic plan and some great extras for $14.99 per month on the Plus plan. You will get:

  • 70 Connects per month
  • Visibility into what price competitors have bid for a job.
  • Option to keep earnings confidential.
  • Ability to customize your profile URL.
  • Your profile is never hidden due to inactivity.

Connect with Employers

Use your Connects to submit proposals to jobs you feel suited for. When proposing, you should include an introductory letter, your fee and any questions you have for the client. It will also help your chances if you send them examples of relevant work. 

It might help to look into your potential client before submitting a proposal. Upwork’s rating system can help you decide who you want to work with and lets others see if they want to hire you. 

Set Your Fee

Set Your Fee

Upwork makes money by taking a cut of your earnings. There are two ways of making money on Upwork. You can get paid hourly or agree to a fixed price. The Upwork fee remains the same for both.

The hourly rate on Upwork is the price you charge before the Upwork service deduction is applied. For example, if you list your hourly rate at $20, you can expect to earn around $16 per hour after the 20% service fee is applied. 

If a client applies you with a job and it’s below your hourly rate, you don’t have to take it. You can negotiate with them to find a price that fits you both. If they are paying far below your rate, then refuse.

Fixed-Price Projects

The client you work with will set aside money when you agree on the contract. The client will also set a milestone for you. These are deliverables on the way to finishing the job. You can either get paid at these milestones or get paid at the end. 

Hourly Projects

All your time will be logged in the Work Diary built into Upwork’s Desktop App when working on hourly projects. The app will keep a record of the work you completed. The app also tracks your time every 10 minutes. It takes a screenshot after every 10 minutes. 

You can turn off Work Diary if you want to. Instead, you can log work manually, although using the Work Diary helps you qualify for an Upwork Service called Hourly Protection. You are guaranteed to be paid for the work you can prove you completed even if the client refuses to. 

How to Get More Jobs

How to Get More Jobs

Do Great Work

When working on clients’ projects, make sure it’s your best work. The higher the quality of work you do, the better your chances are of getting more jobs in the future. Especially when starting, it’s crucial that you complete good work as you will be rated. 

Once you build up a great reputation, you will have clients approaching you for work. Clients will ask you to interview for a job. You may look at raising your rates or earning more on each project at this stage. 

Improve Your Proposals

Improve Your Proposals

Writing a good proposal on Upwork takes a lot of practice. We also don’t recommend copying and pasting the same copy for each submission. Proposals should be unique to each job to show your skills and expertise are perfect for that specific job. Keep your proposal short, between 100-and 300 words. Tell the client everything they need to know about you and the job you can do. 

If you get a reply from a client, you should reply promptly. They may have follow-up questions for you. This may help set yourself apart from others being interviewed for the contract. 

Keep Your Profile Professional

First impressions are key to getting jobs on Upwork. The client will see three things on your profile: your profile picture, title, and brief overview. 

  • Your profile picture should be high-quality, taken by a DSLR or good quality smartphone camera. You should be dressed professionally, and your smile should be visible. 
  • Use a title that represents the services that you offer and your expertise. It can have a big impact on the client’s decision. You should aim to stand out.
  • Only your first two to 3 sentences will be visible on the search function. You should use these sentences to grab the client’s attention. Highlight your experience straight away and impress them.

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