The Best Irish Brands Marketing on TikTok

The Best Irish Brands Marketing on TikTok

We have been posting on TikTok over the last few months and gained over two thousand followers, which we’re happy with. One video even reached over 450 thousand views which were amazing to see. TikTok plays a role in companies’ marketing efforts, which can even be seen in Ireland and not just in the US. We have found several Irish brands on TikTok who are always in front of a large audience and getting a great deal of business from it. 

Richard Grogan and Associates Solicitors @richardgrogansolicitors

If I say the words “That’s a Law and That’s a Fact”, you may know exactly who I’m on about. Richard Grogan is a solicitor who specialises in employment law. He breaks down laws that are easy for the user to understand. People ask questions, and he will reply to them with a quick informative video. He covers holidays and break times that people love to hear about and share with their friends. 

He sings off his videos with his trademark saying, “That’s a law, and that’s a fact”, which people get a kick out of. We’re sure Richard gets a lot of business with his viral videos. 


Mr. stocks and sells a massive range of sweets. They sell American sweets, which other retailers can’t get their hands on. They were founded back in 2020, and their TikTok has seen a massive increase with 130K followers.

Larry is the owner of Mr. and is always hanging around the warehouse stocking up on sweets. He has the knowledge, and he’s great fun. People ask if they have a specific candy in stock, and Larry has the sweet in question, no doubt. 

We took a look at their account to do a little write-up, and our mouths are watering looking at their range of sugary goods.

Caits Cakes @caitscakess

Caits Cakes make beautifully decorated cakes for any occasion. She does funny narrative videos while making her cakes which makes it very entertaining. They are usually messages from customers which shows how far they go to order a cake from her. 

One of her TikTok received over 1.7 million views and showed an interaction between her and customers messaging her on a day off. They even tracked down an old college email to get in contact with her! Caits Cakes must be amazing if that’s the length people are going to.

The cakes themselves are beautifully decorated and are always full of colour and vibrance. One of her latest cakes is a brilliant SpongeBob cake, and the sound she chose for the TikTok is hilarious. 

HUHClothing @huhclothing_

If you’re a daily TikTok user, you have undoubtedly seen HUHClothing on your For You Page at some point. They are an Irish clothing start-up based in Meath. Their goal is to create a stylish and comfortable clothing brand while both raising money and awareness of mental health. 

Their Tiktoks promote the goal of HUH Clothing which is to spark a casual conversation about your mental health through using clothes. They want people to ask what HUH is and create a conversation about mental health after.

Mr Price Ireland @mrpriceireland

Mr Price Ireland is a retail store in Ireland that sells goods reasonably. Their TikTok has nearly 14k and for a retail shop is brilliant. They post many funny videos and appeal to Irish users on TikTok. When watching videos, you’d nearly forget it’s their real account. They even post a video on the battle between Barrys and Lyons Tea, with Lyons somehow winning that one. 

Smyths Toys @Smythstoys

Smyths Toys is an Irish multinational chain provider of children’s toys and entertainment products. Their TikTok is one of the best out there. Their marketing team can keep up with the latest trends and incorporate them into their brand. 

One of their most popular videos was based on the “You Too” series that people were performing. Their video got over 11.5 million views and over 650K likes. For a toy shop, that is an incredible feature. Viral marketing is working for Smyths, and no doubt, their use of TikTok is converting into sales online and in their stores. 

FinalBend @finalbend

Finalbend is an athleisure wear brand set up by Emma Coffey in 2018, while still in 5th year! Since then, her business has grown massively in Ireland. They were featured on the Late Late Show and won the National Start-Up Award for Ecommerce and Retail. 

Their marketing game is on point, and they have racked up over 44k followers on TikTok. Emma mostly runs the TikTok herself in between her day to day tasks in the business. A lot of the videos are funny, and she posts her experiences of being a business owner at such a young age and a woman in business. We can only commend Emma and her team for their amazing rise over the last few years. 

FinalBend post some behind the scenes videos such as what’s it like running the business and packaging orders. They even set up a new office, and we got to see the process of them setting up the whole office, which was a joy to watch.


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