How To Get More Followers on TikTok

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Read this blog to learn the best tactics and tools that could help grow your following on TikTok and gain a more engaging audience. We feel these 15 tactics will all help towards that.

What Will I Learn?

  • The best tactics to grow on TikTok.
  • Post content your audience will like.
  • How to keep up with trends on TikTok
How To Get More Followers On TikTok
How To Get More Followers On TikTok

TikTok is one of the most extensive social media networks right now. 2020 was a massive year for the platform as the pandemic kept people inside, TikToks following rose hugely. The platform has a young audience, but we see the older generations sign up and get involved.

TikTok is a space where you can suddenly gain a massive following in a concise length of time. It is unique as Instagram, and other platforms will keep you waiting months to grow a decent following. If one TikTok you post goes viral, you could have millions of views and thousands of followers. TikTok is all about high-quality content. This blog reveals all the tactics on how to get more followers on TikTok.

14 Tactics to Increase TikTok Followers

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Identify Your Target Audience

If you’re looking to increase your following on TikTok, you need to understand your target audience and their interests and needs. Of course, you won’t keep everyone happy, so you need to find common interests between your audience.

If you know your niche and identify competitors, you can look at what content they post that is popular and focus on making better and more engaging content than them.

Once you know your target audience, you’re off to a great start as you will then get an idea of what content to post and content they will enjoy.

2. Optimise Your Profile

Optimise Your Profile

Once you have identified your target audience and know your niche, it is time to optimise your profile. Having a searchable username is vital. Make sure to keep it simple. Try to avoid numbers and special characters.

If you are a business, you may want to switch to a business account on TikTok. A business account gives you a clickable link on your profile and more features. Trending sounds is a significant factor in how your TikTok’s are discovered. One massive downside is you can’t use the trending songs due to copyright. The only music you can use is commercial sounds which are not commonly used.

Instead, you may want to switch to a creator account. You will not have a clickable link, but once you reach 1,000 followers, you will access this feature. Getting one thousand followers is a good incentive to keep you pushing on. You can then keep using the trending sounds on your videos, keeping them more engaging and exciting.

3. Get On TikTok Trends At The Right Time

TikTok is home to numerous trends. From challenges to dance videos, there are always new trends every week. Participating in trends can boost your followers fast as your videos have more chance of being seen and going viral. Just one video could see you gain thousands of followers if you upload the right content.

When you identify a trend, make sure yours is unique and that it stands out. Create a video that will attract people to it. Be creative and make a video that people will want to share.

To find the latest trends, they will be on your For You Page.

For example, in the image above, you can see trending hashtags and trending sounds. To jump on a trend, see what the trend is. Is it a dance? Is it a skit? or something else? Once you have identified the type of trend, it’s time to post an engaging and unique video.

Tik Tok Trends
Tik Tok Trends

For example, in the image above, you can see trending hashtags and trending sounds. Trends above include a Love Island skit and a dance to the sound “Bad Girls”.

To jump on a trend, see what the trend is. Is it a dance? Is it a skit? or something else? Once you have identified the type of trend, it’s time to post an engaging and unique video.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can increase the ability to show your content to a vast audience. If you add the perfect hashtag in your caption, there’s a good chance of increasing the discoverability of your video.

We have done testing with hashtags, and we would recommend using around seven niche hashtags. These are hashtags relating to your niche. For us, they would be hashtags like #digitalmarketing #socialmedia. They have helped us get thousands of views.

In the beginning, we were using trending hashtags and including #FYP and #ForYouPage. We realised this wasn’t working as it was not showing the videos to our target audience. It showed it to everyone and anyone, which included people not interested in Digital Marketing, so the video was not performing well.

Once we used our niche hashtags, they performed much better. We also switched up our niche hashtags and would recommend not using the same seven hashtags for every post.

5. Post At The Right Time

Uploading your video when your audience is most active is a significant factor in increasing followers and interactions. You should upload more during your peak time to maximise engagement and views on your video.

In insights, you can see when your audience was active online and what time was the peak. The analytics on TikTok is excellent for figuring this out.

You could also post at different times during the day to see how each video performs. If you notice videos at a specific time are doing better, then stick with that time to post.

The following are some of the best times to post content and get a higher engagement level.

Times to post on tiktok

6. Cross-Promote

We recommend posting your TikTok content on other social platforms to drive traffic to your TikTok profile.

After you post your TikToks, you have the option to share them on other social media networks or to save the video. We would recommend uploading them to Instagram Reels to see how they perform there. The only downside about using the saved video is that it will have a TikTok watermark. Instagram will penalise your video for having this watermark.

To remove this watermark go to and paste a link from the TikTok you want to upload. It is just a simple step of downloading the video and then uploading git to Reels.

7. Post Content For Your Target Audience

Once you have established your target audience, then you must create content tailored for them. For us, we are very much focused on Digital Marketing and Social Media. We post content related to this niche. One of the TikToks we published was about the top websites for designers and websites for social media templates. Our audience enjoys this content, so we consistently post content they like.

Cross Promote TikTok

If you find a post that did well, then create a series. We created a TikTok about useful websites, and it got thousands of views. We decided to make it into a series and make multiple parts to this.

8. Collab With Other TikTok Creators

So many profiles and brands have a massive following on TikTok. They may be known for their personality, skills or maybe something else.

Many influencers became famous from Instagram or Youtube and turned their success into a significant following on TikTok. As with other social media platforms, businesses can gain massively in partnering with a TikTok creator.

You see it often with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio. She partnered with make-up brands and Dunkin Donuts to boost their profiles. They pay her to create sponsored content that drives a new audience to their page.
Of course, this could be very expensive, so you don’t need to aim for some with millions of followers but someone related to your target audience with a decent following.

9. Add Trending Music To Your Videos

Adding trending songs can help your TikTok boost its discoverability. Trending sounds are viewed by thousands and sometimes even millions of users. Adding one of these songs can give you the possibility of going viral.

Add Trending Music To Your Videos
Add Trending Music To Your Videos

If you create content with a voiceover, add a trending sound in the background, but just have it on about 10% volume. If you don’t want the sound on, add the sound but put the volume on zero.

10. Create a Call-To-Action

You should add a CTA in your caption to push your audience in the right direction. Using a CTA will increase engagement in your videos.

Many users add a CTA at the end of their videos. The CTA could be text or a voiceover, but it pushes the viewer to follow or check out more videos of yours. It might simply say Follow For More Tips.”

11. Invest In TikTok Ads

If time isn’t on your side and you want followers fast, you can use TikTok Ads to get maximum reach. TikTok ads can help boost brand awareness, deliver more sales and increase engagement on your videos.

TikTok has man advertising options for you to avail of. They include In-Feed Ads, Brand Takeover, TopView and Branded effects. Each ad will result in a different outcome.

We would recommend first running a small ad with a small budget and seeing how it performs. If you succeed in what you set out to do, then invest more but if it failed, pull back and take a new strategy.

12. Hashtag Challenges

Challenges arise on Tiktok in their numbers every week. We recommend creating a TikTok challenge that will generate some buzz for your target audience. Most of the widespread challenges involve dancing. But you can try to be creative and create your own. The Adultswim challenge recently proved to be very popular and didn’t involve dancing but creativity by users on TikTok.

13. Be Unique

There is a lot of content out there on TikTok, billions of videos. You don’t want to be posting the same content as everyone else time after time. People have already seen the content you have posted and won’t be interested in it. You won’t gain followers and perhaps may lose followers.

What you want to do is be unique. Perhaps you see some content you like. Well, you can take aspects you like but turn them into your unique idea. Put your brand or style in it. If you post amazing content, your audience will engage more and share it with their friends. If you create unique content, you also have the chance to go viral and be met by millions of users on the For You Page.

14. Track Your Success

Measure your account, and its performance is a powerful tactic to see how your strategy is working overall. TikTok has built-in analytics for you to view. Here you can view the performance of your videos, audience demographics and profile growth. You will need a TikTok pro account to gain access to all these metrics.

If you were curious about how to get more followers on TikTok then read this and we hope these tactics will help get you more followers on TikTok.

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