how to make overnight oats

How to Make Overnight Oats (Normal Oats or Protein Oats)

Overnights oats are a nutritious breakfast option that you can make the night before.

What’s great about this breakfast snack is that it’s not only delicious but also one of the easiest to prepare.

Many people like to serve overnight oats chilled, enjoying them in the morning straight from the refrigerator.

They’re the perfect breakfast choice for those warm months. You can still delight in them any time of the year.

You can keep overnight oats in the refrigerator well up to five days, meaning you can prepare enough on Sunday evening to cover your breakfast for the entire workweek.

Preparing Overnight Oats

There’s more than one variety of oats that you can use to prepare overnight oats. Chia seeds are what give overnight oats a texture akin to pudding.

Used together with some nut butter, fibre-rich seeds become extra creamy. It might interest you to know that one serving of this breakfast treat provides almost 50 percent of your daily requirement of fibre.

To make overnight oats, you’ll need the following.


For this recipe, many people use ordinary, traditional oats. Options for oats include rolled oats, quick oats, steel cut oats, and muesli oats.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are optional in this recipe. However, many people who love overnight oats like to include them in the preparation.

Add chia seeds to absorb excess moisture from the mixture.

As a result, the final product is creamy and succulent.

Chia seeds also contain plenty of fibre and nourishing Omega-3 fatty acids.

Nut butter

You can add either peanut or almond butter to make this breakfast chow creamy and to infuse it with a delightful nutty flavour.


As with the nut butter, you’re free to add your preferred milk.

Options include cow’s milk, homemade pecan milk, homemade cashew milk, coconut milk, or and almond milk.

In case milk is not available or you’re on a dairy-free diet, you can use water instead of milk.

It’s important that you use the correct amount of liquid (about half a cup) in your overnight oats to achieve the right consistency, which depends on what you prefer.

Use a lot of milk or water if you favour a loose consistency. Otherwise use only a little liquid to get a thick, creamy consistency with a powerful flavour.


Once you’re done preparing the base for the overnight oats by mixing the oats, chia seeds, nut butter and milk, the next step is to add fruit.

If you’re planning to make enough overnight oats to last you a few days, it’s a good idea to use fruit that stores well over that period.

Sliced strawberries are good. Use bananas when you plan to eat the overnight oats the next morning.

Simply toss the fruit on top of the oat-and-milk base you prepared.

Other toppings you can add frozen blueberries or raspberries which will defrost overnight.

Avoid chunkier fruits such as whole frozen strawberries as they release a lot of water.

Alternatively, you can add these toppings when you serve.

Optional sweetener

If you prefer your overnight oats a bit sweeter, you can dribble additional sweetener.

You can use any of a number of sweeteners including honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, date sugar, or maple sugar among others.

Enjoy the treat!