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10 Best Massage Guns to Buy in Ireland

One of the most important things that an athlete or a gym enthusiast needs is a muscle recovery massage. Being invented in 2008, the Massage Guns are surely one of the best innovations till date for recovering the muscles.

This is one of the best tools for anyone who is looking for a great deep tissue massage to recover from muscle injury or cramps.

These guns are convenient options that can help you to get a perfect massage to the targeted areas. For all those who love to manage a healthy life or are in sports and fitness can find this massage gun really handy and beneficial.

These guns come with some amazing wellness benefits. It can help to improve the performance in sports by preventing injuries and helping to recover faster.

They are designed in such a way that it can improve the circulation of blood causing advanced healing and relief from the pain. It can also help by releasing the lactic acid in your body so that you do not feel exhausted or nauseated after a hectic workout session.

Also, the massage gun can activate your muscles as well as your nervous system improving your body mobility. It can also break up the scar tissues and relieve the muscle stiffness and spasms caused after an intense workout.

Precaution: Do not use while pregnant

Best Massage Guns Available In The Market

1. DG Elite Massage Gun (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

deprogun massage guns

There’s nothing better than shopping local and getting the good feeling of supporting a local Irish business. Shopping local isn’t the only reason I’m suggesting Deprogun though. Their Massage guns are our favourite on the island.

All of their models deserve a place in the best massage gun category but I’m putting in a link to our editors choice the DG Elite Massage Gun. High powered and perfect for reducing muscle pain and removing knots.

You can see on the Deprogun website they’re trusted by the like of Dáití Ó’Sé, Rugby Stars Dave Kearney, Dave Kilcoyne, Caelon Doris, and British & Irish Lions Tadgh Beirne, Footballer Claire O’Riordan and the Legendary Paul McGrath. The list goes on…

Some Amazing Benefits of Buying from Deprogun:

  • Next day delivery.
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee
  • Full 18 Month Warranty!!

We reached out to Deprogun to see if they’d give readers a discount and they were happy to help. We were more than happy to become an affiliate for Deprogun and we’re able to give our audience a 5% discount through our coupon code.

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2. Abox Muscle Massage Gun

Abox Muscle Massage Gun

This is an advanced massage gun which can help in relieving the muscle soreness. The 30 watt high-torque motor can produce a very powerful 3300 strokes every minute to reach as deep as 12mm into the tissues. As it penetrates deeper, it can help in relaxing more effectively. It comes with 30 different intensity modes with 8 different massage heads.

This is ideal for the sports beginners for relaxing different parts of the body. It comes with a lower noise technology which helps you to massage your muscles without making noise.

The lower noise level also helps in better relaxation. Also, it can glide quite smoothly over your body to provide a seamlessly amazing massage.

Designed with an anti-slip handle, it offers you a good grip while massaging your body. It is waterproof in nature so that you can use it even when you are sweating after every exercise.

3. The Body Bolt Massage Gun

This massage gun is a powerful and portable device which can help in providing great massage to your muscles. It is a compact device designed to be fitted in a palm easily and is also very light to be carried comfortably in your hand. It is a powerful device with the latest techniques and can provide up to 3600 strokes every minute.

The super 2600 mAH battery capacity can help the massager to work for 6 hours. For providing the best result, it comes with 6 replaceable heads and 9 speed modes to meet your ideal massage for every part of your body.

These 9 speed modes range from 1800 to 3600 rpm providing perfect massage to help your muscle to relax and recover faster.

It also helps in eliminating the lactic acid from your muscle tissues. The intelligent LCD display provides all the essential data. Also, this gun operates quietly and safely.

4. Hyperice Hypervolt Muscle Massage Gun

This would be a premium massage gun over the €200 mark and is known to be used by many professional athletes.

This is one of the best electric MASSAGE GUNS available in the market for massaging your muscles and deep tissues. It is small and compact in size with extremely light weight. So, it is easier for you to hold the gun and massage it on your muscles without any issue.

This gun comes with a great battery offering long working time. The battery is of 3200 mAH and it can give a 20 minute massage for 14 days in single charge. With 4 different heads and 4 adjustable speed levels, the massager can range from 1700 to 3800 strokes every minute.

It is extremely easy to operate with one button only to control the modes and speeds. This can be used for preparing our body during the warm-up session before the workout. It operates quietly even when massaging your body.

The best part is that it will shut down automatically after 10 minutes to avoid any potential hazards. You can just switch on to the preferred mode and enjoy the calming massage.

5. Lke Hand-held Massage Gun For Muscle Relaxation

Lke Hand-held Massage Gun

If you are looking for the best muscle relaxing massage gun, then this can be a great option for you. This portable massage gun can help in relieving the muscle soreness and tightness with its amazing specifications and features.

The best part is that it comes with 6 massage heads that you can replace according to your needs and use them in 6 different speeds. It can actively restore your body, promote good flow of blood and repair the muscles.

This massage gun is perfect for rock climbers, athletes and people who love hiking and workout. The user can change the speed of the massage according to their needs.

This gun can create 1800 to 3400 strokes every minute. With 2400 mAH battery, it can offer 3 to 4 hours of massage with every full charge. The 24v brushless motor can work quietly without making noise while operating or massaging your muscles.

6. Djroll Massage Gun For Pain Relief

Djroll Massage Gun For Pain Relief

This high-intensity massage gun is one of the best choices that you can make for massaging your body or muscles in the right way. This is one of the best guns available with the LCD screen to provide all important information regarding the mode or speed.

Being equipped with 6 adjustable speeds, you can choose the right one for your needs. Also the 6 massage heads can provide different benefits for different problems. This gun is ergonomically designed to provide the best massage therapy to your muscles and deep tissues.

Depending upon the speed you choose, this gun can create 1500 to 3100 strokes every minute for accelerating the warm-up, relieving the muscle pain and promoting circulation.

It comes with a powerful 2400 mAH high-quality lithium battery that can last for almost 6 hours. You can see the battery information too on the screen and know when your massage gun will need to be recharged.

7. C+ Massage Gun With 30 Speeds

c+ massage gun for pain relief

This is one of the best professional MASSAGE GUNS that you can choose. The C+ massager offers amazing features and specifications that make this gun to stand out.

This is a handheld muscle massager that is perfect for boosting the performance of the athletes and bodybuilders. It can be used for recovering your muscle soreness offering better mobility and muscle relief.

The best part of this massager is that it comes with 30 varied speed levels and offers 30 different experiences. It can provide up to 3300 percussions every minute and you can choose the right level according to your needs.

The 24v high-torque motor offers noise-free operation that can allow you to use the massager without disturbing anyone. Even you can relax when using the massager for your relaxation. The long battery life is another great feature along with LCD screen where you can track all the essential information.

8. Simbr Muscle Massage Gun

simba massage gun

Are you looking for a massage gun that can provide you with deep tissue massage? Then this cordless massager can be a good option to consider.

With some amazing features and best specifications, this gun can offer some amazing benefits for sure. With this device, you can massage on your shoulder, neck, back, arm and foot. It can naturally reduce the pain and eliminates the soreness helping in muscle recovery faster.

It comes with 3 massage attachments and you can also choose between 3 different speeds to provide you with the perfect massage. Depending on the type of speed you choose, the massage gun can provide 1500 to 2600 strokes every minute.

You can customize the speed and attachment for your relaxation and needs. It is light in weight and is also travel friendly in nature. It offers quiet operation along with a powerful motor and long battery life.

9. Fylina Muscle Massage Gun

fylina massage gun

With 20 different speeds and 6 massage heads, this massage gun can offer you professional deep tissue and muscle massage. This is a lightweight handheld device that provides pressure to the targeted area to relieve your tissue and muscles relaxing them.

You can experiment with all the 6 attachments that come along with this gun to find out which one does the best job for your muscles. Also, you can adjust the speed to get the desired strokes and pressure on the muscles.

This gun is designed in such a way that the powerful motor can glide quietly without making noise. You can use it in your office, gym and home for a perfect relaxation from the soreness and stiffness of the muscles. It also comes with an ergonomic silicone handle that offers better grip. It can instantly relieve the pain and reduce the stress and anxiety from your body.

These are the best and most efficient MASSAGE GUNS available in the market that you can use for treating your muscle soreness and stiffness. The above-mentioned guns can provide you with the best effective result. All you have to do is to choose the right one according to your needs and requirements.

10. Recover Fun Massage Gun

recover fun

This Massage Gun is the latest edition to our best massage gun list. I’ve had the pleasure of being sent the Recover Gun Mini and having tried and tested multiple guns I have to say this one is one of my favourites.

They have various models including the T5 Massage Gun, the Recover Gun Plus and the Massage Gun Mini (available in 3 colours). If you’re in need of a tough massage to help with recovery, tension or sore muscles then the Recover Fun is an excellent choice.

The recover fun guns have unbelievable 5 star reviews and are probably one of the top guns on the market.

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