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Best Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps, Triceps and Forearms

The arm is that part of the body that people easily notice. Having a set of arms that attracts attention requires the right exercises that include, bicep, triceps and forearm workouts. Without the right exercise, it will be difficult for you to reach your full potential.

Arm workouts will include:

Bicep workouts

Biceps are arguably the most famous muscles. Most individuals take an interest in bodybuilding to gain as much mass as they can.

The common bicep workouts include:

Standing bell curl

The standing bell curls effectively build your biceps because the exercise is all-inclusive. When performing the standing bell curl, your body uses all the bicep muscles regardless of the weight you are lifting. The exercise forces your arm to operate in parallel isolation from the shoulders to the back.

Alternating dumbbell curl

The alternating dumbbell curl is simple and operates as a cross between the standard and hammer curl. The exercise lets you focus your energy on each bicep independently instead of curling a single weight using both biceps.

Hammer curl

Even though the most focus is on the biceps, some muscle groups in the forearm also work. Since the focus is on the rotated curl, the brachialis and brachioradialis (outer forearm) muscles of the forearm work a lot as well.

With the hammer curl, your palms face towards your body. This starting position of the workout is same as the alternating curl. The upper arms remain fixed while the elbows tuck in the body. When lifting a weight, you curl it upwards while not rotating the forearm until it nearly touches the lifting arm’s shoulder.

Supinated bent rows

When adding more weight, the biceps tend to resist even more. You can add weight to your bicep exercise by rowing. You can work double your initial weight by using the bent over straight bar rows.

To perform the exercise, ensure that your shoulders are a width apart, grab the straight bar with your palms facing up/away. Pull the weight from the floor to a standing position. After the weight is up, bend your body into a position that makes your upper body parallel to the floor. Proceed to raise the bar so that it nearly touches your abdomen while maintaining the elbows tucked into your flanks. Lower the bar and repeat the step.


Close grip chin-ups focus the pull on the biceps. You can use a chin-up bar or straight bar for this workout. To perform the exercise, let your palms face you, grab the bar at 6 inches apart from your body. With your legs crossed, pull your body upwards. Ensure that your chin-up is above the bar to allow for complete muscle flexing. Furthermore, keep the tension when lowering your body.

Triceps workouts

Triceps workouts will focus on the arm muscles. Nonetheless, particular exercises will primarily target the triceps to achieve the best results. They include:

Weighted Dips

The exercise relies on the body weight. Nonetheless, adding extra weight to the lap can increase muscle resistance, which is required for muscle gain.

Place two benches 5 feet apart and sit on one, with the heels resting on one another. This, however, depends on a person’s height. You can readjust the bench distance to accommodate your height. Place the arms on the bench that you have sat on and lower your body slowly until the elbows reach a 90-degree angle. In this case, the arms are now supporting your weight. Push yourself up while maintaining tension until the arms get back to their original position.

Close grip bench press

This workout focuses on the triceps’ muscle groups. The workout maintains your elbows close to your body with hands about one foot apart.

To perform this: while unracking the weight bar, start with your arms extended and slowly lower the weight towards the lower chest. Return the weight to your chest before touching the bar and bring back the arms to the complete extended position.

Seated triceps extension

Use an adjustable seat for the workout that provides back support. Select a dumbbell weight that suits you, and grab it with your hands. Proceed to raise the dumbbell weight up and beyond your head. You can increasingly lower the weight to a point where it is parallel to the lower part of the back of your head. Nonetheless, avoid lowering too far to prevent over-exertion of your triceps. Bring back the weight to above your head to allow for the total extension of the arms and repeat the process.

Clapping diamond push-ups

The exercise increases muscle resistance. In the workout, both hands must be under the chest and in a touching position, which forms a diamond shape. By this, it means that your thumbs and index fingers will be touching. While in that state, do 10 push-ups and ensure that you use enough force when leaving the floor to achieve appropriate height to insert the clap and still return to the position where your hands will be touching.

Rope Push-downs

In this exercise, you pull a weight using a rope, up and down to feel the proper burns on your triceps. However, try to balance the weights that you will use to fit about 10 reps comfortably. Furthermore, ensure that your upper arms are in lock, and your back is straight.

Forearms workouts

Forearms exercises that ensure you stand out include:

Wrist roller

It is a wrist squatting workout. In the exercise, you will use a roller down in front of the waist while standing on a bench to compensate for the height difference. Do 3-5 sets in the range of about 15 to 30 reps.

Lever lifts

Arm wrestlers commonly use the lever lift, the reason for their huge forearms. Front lever lifts are performed by gripping a weighted pole at its unweighted end and dangle it so that the weight faces down. Raise the weight and lower it repeatedly while your elbow is straight. You can do 3 sets of 20 each.

Heavy static loads

The exercise includes the static holds ranging 20 to 60 seconds and the farmer’s walk. When performing the hold, significant amounts of blood flow into the forearms for intense pumps. Use a heavy weight and hold it for 20-60 seconds. If the minute passes and you are still holding the weight, you can add more weight for even better results. You can use barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells for this exercise.

Performing the above exercises is not enough; you have to push yourself to the limit, aiming for larger weights, increased intensity, and sets. Performing these exercises without experiencing a change, results in stagnation where strength or size fails to be seen.