Dryrobe: The Ultimate Towel Robe

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Whether you are going surfing, camping, swimming or even triathlon or mountain biking, you will need one gear that can protect you from the rain as well as from the cold.

With the DryRobe® robe collection, you can find both in one. The speciality of the DryRobe® collection is that it is entirely waterproof from outside and warm from inside.

With the waterproof outer shell fabric and warm lining inside, it keeps both the water and wind away from your skin. The DryRobe® is an extremely popular brand that offers robes of different types, such as:

  • Long sleeve robes
  • Short sleeve robes
  • Towel robes

These robes are for wearing it outside the water in wet or cold conditions. As they are waterproof with warm lining, they can protect you from both. Be it water splashes while watching a watersport or camping in the cold and rain, you can wear the robe to keep your body warm and dry. These are available in different colours, types, sizes and many more. Read on to know more about these robs and how they can be the best choice for you.

Long Sleeve DryRobe®

The long sleeve robes, as the name suggests, come with long sleeves that cover the arms completely. This is available for the adults as well as for the kids. The best part is they are completely waterproof in nature. But along with that these robes are designed and made to withstand an active lifestyle. You can wear them in cold as well as in wet conditions.

These robes are mainly available in 4 sizes – Small (s), Medium (m), Large (l) and Extra-large (XL). It is also available in different colors. While you can get to choose the black outer fabric, there are many color options available for inner lining i.e. blue, grey, pink and red. You can even choose blue, violet or red outer color with grey inner lining. Also, you will get camouflaged outer fabric for a unique touch. You can also opt for the blue or green outer color with black lining.

Some of the features of the DryRobe® long sleeve robes are:

  • Windproof and waterproof outer lining
  • Very warm lining made up of synthetic lamb wool
  • Can be used 2-way and reverse it when needed
  • Pockets available for easy storage
  • Very light in weight and easy to carry
  • Fitted long sleeves with a hook as well as a loop for fastening it

Short Sleeve DryRobe®

Just like the long sleeve robes, the short sleeve robes too are waterproof in nature and are designed in such a way that they can withstand cold too. But they come with shorter sleeves. It is also available in four sizes i.e. small, medium, large and extra-large. These robes are made up of 51% acrylic and 49% of recycled polyester ensuring they are water resistant and provide warmth too. The inner lining is made up of synthetic lamb wool. This fleece lining keeps you super warm throughout.

The short sleeve robes by DryRobe® are available in four major colors. The outer shell is black in color while the inner warm lining available in the colors – red, pink, grey and blue. You can choose your favorite one from the range.

Some of the best features of these short sleeve robes are:

  • The outer shell is waterproof making it perfect for the wet condition
  • The inner lining is made up of synthetic fleece to keep you super warm
  • It can be worn both the ways with reversible feature
  • It comes with tailored short sleeves for easy and fast-changing
  • It has minimal seams for a more seamless minimalist look
  • It has an internal waterproof pocket with zip to carry your wallet or phone

DryRobe® Towel Robe (Towel Poncho)

The towel robes by DryRobe® are designed for surfers who need to instantly get dry. These towel robes are very soft with towel texture to absorb the water from your skin.

Also, these robes offer an ample room for you to change inside while you remain covered as well as protected from different elements. These towel robes are perfect for indoor as well as for outdoor uses.

Besides wearing after any watersports, you can also wear this at home. They are super-soft and very comfortable to wear after taking a shower. It also helps you in staying warm. Hence, it can give you the much-needed warmth and coziness.

Talking about the towel robes, these are available in 2 sizes only. These are – medium (m) and large (l). Basically, for the slim-built people medium is perfect. Otherwise large is the best choice. You can also opt one from the 6 colors – red, blue, navy blue, gray, black and pink.

Some of the best features of these towel robes are:

  • They are designed with unique short sleeves in order to prevent any unwanted exposure
  • They are made up of superior-quality material as well as detailing
  • The extra arm coverage along offers better warmth
  • The robes are super soft made up of 400 gsm organic cotton
  • It is highly absorbent in nature helping you to get dry very quickly
  • The robe is designed by using 100% organic cotton which is approved by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Why is DryRobe® such a good option?

DryRobe® takes immense pride in serving the people with the best quality robes of different types and sizes. They ensure that you will get superior quality fabric with the most satisfying softness, warmth and quality. You can buy any of these robes, based on your choices. If you love going hiking, camping or partaking in a triathlon, then having a long sleeve or short sleeve robe can help you to stay protected from water splashes as well as from the cold.

But if you love swimming and surfing or any other watersports, then try the towel robe. Right after coming out of the water, use the towel robe to absorb the water and to keep you dry. You can decide on which one to buy and make a purchase. As mentioned above, the DryRobe® robes are available in different sizes and colors. So, go ahead and pick one for your needs based on your preferences.

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