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Emma Mattress Review

Emma is the most-awarded mattress in Ireland. They are popular for their mattresses made of high-quality foams, which is one of the reasons behind being the best-selling mattress in Ireland.

This company that is popular far and wide for making mattresses for every type of body and if you have just bought one, then be assured that you brought home the best kind!

If you are planning to buy a new mattress, then this post will give you enough reasons to go with Emma mattress.

This post will tell you how and why Emma mattresses are the best and are undoubtedly the best choice for you and your family. Let us begin.

Emma Mattress

It was not a very long time ago when I was doing my own research on mattresses because I needed the best one. I came across one of the most trusted and popular brands, Emma and I wanted to know more about them.

I started with their website and spent probably more than an hour, going through the products and their every layer. I started to read feedbacks and ratings by the buyers, and I was impressed by the fantastic ratings and happy feedbacks.

Emma mattresses are critically-acclaimed by many popular reviewers and called it the best mattress that is risk-free, best-selling, and comes with a guarantee of 20 years! It was time that I tried the mattress and see for myself.

What’s inside the Emma mattress?

I consider an Emma mattress to be superior to other mattresses available because they are not just an accessory for the bed but are scientifically designed keeping in mind the human body. They are comfortable and guarantee a sound and healthy sleep that even those who are suffering from any chronic sleep disorder can trust.

It is the Emma mattress’ materials and layers that make it a hybrid mattress. The mattresses are 25 cm or 10 inches thick. They are creating by mixing four different layers; which includes one layer for pocket springs and three layers of foam. This is how they are arranged:

* The bottom layer is the cold foam, which is the durable base that ensures a counter-pressure irrespective of a person’s sleeping position. It helps in maintaining an effective dissipation of the body heat that ensures a night of good sleep. You can see that there are a number of holes across its base and all the holes have slits across the mattress’ width, which provides pressure-relieving support for a human body’s parts to contour easily by assisting the high-density foam.

* Just above the base, there is conventional memory foam made of viscoelastic, which is helpful for the body contouring as well as pressure point relief.

* The second layer is to accommodate around 2000 pocket springs.

* The top layer is the special layer of Airgocell foam, which is a breathable and open-pored foam type that is an effective motion isolator. It ensures that the person sleeping on it gets a cool and sound sleep.


Emma mattress offers a delivery service that is safe, secure, and fast. Usually, an Emma mattress weighs up to 30 kg and comes in a vacuum and roll-up package.

The mattresses are packed with a strong and perfect plastic vacuum wrapping, which is exceptionally good when it comes to the protection of the mattresses from damaged boxes, water seepage, drops or any other external forces that are common with transportation.

How does the Emma Mattress Feel? 

Emma mattress claims that their product is designed for everyone because it provides maximum adaptability because of the Airgocell layer. There is a reason why Emma mattress suits everyone, and that is it is neither too hard nor too soft.

The layers mentioned earlier make sure that a person sleeps well on it, and those layers are designed keeping in mind the human body. Users said that Emma mattress provides perfect spinal alignment and support. 

They further said that even after years, they did not develop any kind of pains or aches. If you just consider the structure and make of the mattresses, you will realize that it has an ergonomic design.

There is sound logic behind the idea of putting the springs between the two layers of foam. The second layer has pocket springs that offer required bounce and provide some to the outer two foam layers.

Further, it makes sure that the person sleeping on it doesn’t sink or get stuck, which can be a common problem with a normal mattress that is made with of memory foam. However, with the intelligent design of Emma mattress, a person can be comfortable in any sleeping position. Further, those who sleep sideways or sleep on their stomachs need a firm or hard mattress may also find the Emma mattresses suitable.


Generally, a mattress lasts up to six or eight years, and with time, the comfort and support also decline. The good news is that Emma mattresses come with an impressive warranty of ten to twenty years. Users claim that the quality, durability of its core materials, comfort, and support of an Emma mattress stays intact even after the warranty period.

As mentioned earlier, an Emma mattress is designed with the superior technique of their four layers and material that makes sure that the mattress performs for a very long time. In rare cases, where a customer complains about any defect during the warranty period, Emma resolves the issue promptly.

Emma recommends that a customer should use the mattress for three or four weeks before returning the product. In case, a buyer is not satisfied and wants to send the mattress back they can just call their customer support helpline, a team will reach the location to pick the mattress, and issue a full refund immediately.

Final Thoughts

A mattress is one of the bulky purchases that not only costs a lot of money but can be a painful process where you have to choose a product, research, buy, and then finally get it home. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing your mattress.

In today’s digital age, you can just research online and then go and feel the product physically.

When it comes to Emma, the name itself inspires trust, and that can be seen in various online reviews.