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How to Motivate Yourself to Wake Up Early and Some Tips to Accomplish it!

I agree, there is nothing that sucks like when waking up early. Deep down, I have known it was the right thing to do, being the early bird. But I hated it. When the alarm goes off, I am always hoping to hold onto my sheets for a few more minutes. Just even for a few seconds.

At the end of a long day, a glass of wine, and my laptop on the couch made my heart joyful. I would promise myself I would be productive and maybe have two or three blog posts. Eventually, I would get distracted on social media or end up watching a four-hour movie on Netflix. I would doze off and wander to bed later on the wee hours of the night.

Does this sound familiar?

It reached a point where I would wake up a bitter person — the worst version of me. My day would end up badly. So I decided to make some adjustments and suck it up. I looked at myself and decided what I needed to change: these tips may help you wake up early.

Get Up Each Day a Minute Earlier

One thing I have realized, setting up your alarm earlier does not guarantee; you will wake up earlier. I am always hitting the snooze button frequently, and this is the one area you need to change. Your body needs time to adjust.

If your alarm is set at 5:30 am, change it to one minute earlier each day until you will have reached your objective. In one month, you will wake up 30 minutes earlier and hardly notice the alteration. Getting to your goal may take longer but building this habit is better in the long run.

Manipulate Your Environment to Make Waking Up Earlier Easier

Get a Good Morning Environment
Get a Good Morning Environment

A habit is most likely to stick if you gear your environment towards it. For example, if your gym clothes are set out, you more likely to go out and exercise. To make it easier to wake up early, you can engineer your environment in the following ways:

  • Place your alarm clock away from your bed so that you have to go up and turn it off.
  • Place out a warm robe before you tuck in to easily access it when you get out your bed
  • Set your coffee timer so when it’s ready, you wake up

Do an Analysis of Your Poor Wake Routine in the Morning

Analyse, Plan and Succeed

What have you done on the reasons that make you not to wake up earlier? It is critical to evaluate how you have tried to wake up earlier

• What are the reasons you failed to wake up early?

• What steps have you taken?

• Why did these steps fail?

Be honest with yourself. Where did you go wrong? It will help you to work out on the issues you find.

Chase Small Wins to Motivate to Yourself

Get a small win for Motivation
Get a small win for Motivation

Dave Ramsey’s method of paying small debts is motivating in generating small wins. We get encouraged to continue by a little progress. That’s why it’s easier to lose more weight after we’ve lost a pound.

Wake up 15 minutes easier instead of the usual one hour. That is a small win generated. Then you readjust your wake up time after you have achieved your goal.

Have an Irresistible Reason to Wake Up Early

Do something you love in the mornings
Do something you love in the mornings

You should have a pleasant reason to associate it with you waking up. Planning the morning to do something that you love. When your early mornings involves having something exciting to do, you will never think of hitting the snooze button. Motivating activity will have you excited to get up in the morning.

There are going to be a lot of hurdles in making the changes above. However setting yourself to with rules and discipline, is setting yourself for success. Waking up earlier is one of the ways to be productive that you should try.