Our Guide To KennCo Car Insurance

KennCo Insurance was founded in 2008 and are part of the KennCo Underwriting Limited. They are a fully Irish owned company with their office based in Rathfarnham in Dublin. They offer a range of Insurance such as Home, Travel and Van, but today we will be focusing on their Car Insurance.

KennCo Car Insurance Page

My Experience

I started driving two years ago, and I have been with Kenco Insurance ever since. Two years ago, I was looking for car insurance for the first time, and I looked online to compare different quotes I received. As a young male driver, I was quoted some very high rates, but then I found Kennco. Looking at their car insurance page, I saw some of the excellent car insurance features included, such as 24-hour breakdown assistance, loss of keys, and even foreign driving of up to 31 days. It was great to know off the bat that I would have all these features when I signed up.

As I was in college when I started my car insurance, I took the offer of a monthly payment to start me off, as I couldn’t afford to go straight into paying it all off for the year. It was great that KennCo had this option on hand for students and people who don’t have the money upfront. It gives you a bit more flexibility as all I needed to pay was a 30% deposit, and then the remainder of my Insurance is paid out over the next nine months.

If you’re not familiar with car insurance, there are two types of cover, both of which KennCo offer. They are:

1. Comprehensive Car Insurance

This means that if you are involved in an accident, KennCo will cover the cost of fixing your car and, if necessary, the cost of damage or injury incurred to any third party if you are at fault for the accident

2. Third-Party & Theft Car Insurance

This means that if your car is damaged due to a theft or a fire, you’re covered. This also covers any damage or injury to third parties when you are data fault for the accident, and damage to your car is not covered.

Our Experience With KennCo Car Insurance

I know what cover I wanted, so I looked to get a quote on their website. Once you scroll to the bottom, there is a quote section. I filled this in, was given a price, and then I set up car insurance online. It was a smooth process, and I knew my terms and conditions and felt comfortable signing up.

When I was looking to renew my Insurance for my second year, I decided to call KennCo instead of online as I had a few questions. I called their customer service team, and they couldn’t have been more helpful to me. As a young male driver, it can be intimidating signing up for car insurance with the quoted rates, but they put my mind at ease, answering my questions and giving me a very reasonable rate. I decided not to pay monthly for the second year, so it was great to change this over the phone, and it only took a few minutes.

It is also effortless to renew your policy online, only taking a matter of minutes once you visit the Renewal Page. All you have to do is type in some very basic information and submit it to KennCo. If you have no changes to make to your policy, it’s the best way to do it. If you do have changes to make to your policy, it’s very straightforward. They have a dedicated Customer Change page to fill out a form if you are changing any details or want to cancel your Insurance.

If you are looking to contact KennCo Insurance for their Car Insurance or their other range of covers then head over to the KennCo Website and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you.