Thai Life Insurance Advert

This Thai Life Insurance company had a really nice advert to serve show the quality of life. The video titled “Unsung Hero” has almost over 23 million hits on youtube and has won at least 5 advertising awards in Asia. It shows that even if you don’t have that much money you can change peoples lives with the smallest amount you may have in your wallet. Of course the ad is to promote the use of life insurance in the world today and spending a bit on insurance can help many people you leave behind.

This advert was trying to trigger an emotional response in people and of course that’s exactly what it did for us. When his small pocket change helped a homeless child get cloths for school I almost broke down at my desk. This is of course to try and make you focus on your own loved ones and encourage you to do the same for them.

From the Narrator…

The person narrating the story does a spectacular overview of the story “What does he get in return for doing this every day? He gets nothing. He won’t be richer. Won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous. And not a bit more famous.” This really is trying to highlight that we can all do well in the world with just a little bit of effort.

The subliminal messaging in this advert is very subtle but very good all the same. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen. Big thumbs up to this Thai life insurance company.