What to do if you have a Car Accident

Firstly, what you need to do it stay calm. Don’t get agitated with the other drivers or people involved in the cash.

Hopefully no one is injured and people involved can count their lucky stars. Be polite and ask the other drivers if they are ok.

If you have a neck injury, remain still and wait for the ambulance to arrive. Hopefully someone will have called them.

Secondly, you need to get as much information on the people in the other car.

If you’re injured or in a state of shock (which is completely understandable) you may not have time to get all the information on the other driver.

Take some notes in your head and ensure you can give the authorities the best possible explanation of what happened.

This will help your claim and assist your car insurance company get the top possible outcome for you.

In the past it was recommended you carry a pen, paper and disposable camera in your car to help you accurately record the accident details but now we have modern technology.

Take out your smart phone, take some images of the scene or damage to your car/vehicle.

Use the notes on your phone to record some details of the event incase you forget at a later stage. Retracing your steps can be hard…

What information do you need on the other people involved?

  • Get the time and date that the accident occurred. (Take a screenshot of your phone)
  • Get all the Contact details including names, addresses and telephone numbers of drivers, passengers and pedestrians involved. If a party is driving within the course of his employment, take both the driver and the employer’s details. It may be worth noting a description of the driver, location and any distinguishing features.
  • Get the details of the vehicle – make, model, reg, colour etc…
  • Ensure you get the insurance details of the other driver. The company and type of insurance.
  • Did you both have lights on during the accident? Indicators working etc.
  • The weather, visibility and lighting conditions, including street lighting
  • Get the name of the first Gardaí at the scene so you can refer to his expertise in the event of a claim.
  • Identify the damage each vehicle has sustained

Reporting a car accident…

  • It’s an offence to refuse to give details to the other driver following an accident, if there has been injury or property damage.
  • Make sure to contact your insurance company as quickly as possible. Sometimes insurers have a time limit after incidents and may refuse to pay out on the policy.