X5SC syma drone

X5SC Syma Drone


SYMA X5SC is an upgrade of SYMA X5C and one of the elegant and stylish quadcopters manufactured by SYMA house. It is extremely durable and promises a stable flight characteristic than its predecessor.

SYMA X5SC boasts a number of specifications including intelligent orientation/ headless mode and colorful flashing lights, which are meant to perform aerial stunts such as the 360-degree roll.

These distinctive features make it stands out as a perfect product for amateurs and drone pilot experts.

X5SC is equipped with a 2MP camera, which also captures HD videos. Compared with the previous model, SYMA X5SC’s camera is clearer and gives the drone’s pilots an opportunity to capture detailed images and to film flights. All in all, the HD camera does an elegant job to give controllers awesome flight experience and aerial topography.

SYMA X5SC flight stability is one of its unique features. The drone comes preinstalled with six gyroscopes and an equal number of axis control system.

The six-axis control system ensures that the drone is steady and permits users to launch it from any point, even from the palm of the hands if they so wish to.

The flight time of the SYMA X5SC is averagely 6 to 8 minutes. However, the time frame is likely to reduce when one is taking pictures or recording video footage.

Notably, there is no officially recorded speed of this drone, but it is roughly 25mph. Depending on its lightweight and size, that’s a pretty good speed.

Moreover, the flight stability of SYMA X5SC makes it convenient for beginners to fly the drone and also assist expert pilots to try new stunts with the copter.

That is the reason the quadcopter comes in two different flight mode: one for the advanced user and one for the beginner. It is worth noting that this drone can make a 360-degree flip—that is performed manually.

But due to its lightweight it does not perform well in too windy conditions, however, it can withstand minor wind effects.

X5SC is safe and can be flown without worries of damage. It is fit with propeller guards, which sit underneath the blades.

Thus, complicated maneuvers can be tried by the advanced pilot without fear of crashing the propellers. Thus, it is a nice drone to perfect one’s flying techniques.

X5CS’s package box contains a remote control, 4GB capacity micro SD card, four spare blades, four sets of spare blade protector,3.7V 200Mah Li-poly battery, battery charger, manual, screwdriver, and the X5CS drone.

The battery takes approximately 50-60 minute to obtain full charge and has a life time of 6-8 minute while in use.

Nevertheless, one can acquire additional compatible batteries to swap between flights if he or she wishes to have lots of flight time.

NOTABLY, X5CS is suitable for both outdoor and indoor flying.

How Much X5CS Drone Cost in Ireland

SYMA X5CS is a rare commodity in most online markets in Ireland. Although, one can obtain one from online PriceSpy: SYMA X5SC Explorers 2 RTF @ € 37.70.

Northern Ireland Occupant can order it from Amazon at the following prices. (FREE Delivery in the UK)

it costs £35.99 for Black one

£40.99 for a Red one

£33.99 for a White one.

How much X5CS Weighs

SYMA X5CS is a small and lightweight quadcopter. It weighs 107g, when the battery, propeller guards and the battery are all fit.

It is housed in a package with a total weight of 0.9340 kg and has the following dimensions (L x W x H): (31.5 x 31.5 x 10.5) cm

Is the SYMA X5CS water proof?

Just like its predecessor, X5C, X5CS is not waterproof. The camera connectors are not tight sealed thus, moisture can easily penetrate into sensitive areas like the battery or the motherboard and ensue to short-circuiting. Users are advised not to fly the drone during winter or in the rain.

Does the SYMA X5CS Have Internal Memory?

SYMA X5CS has no built in memory. It has a memory card slot and comes with a 4GB capacity SD card. The drone has expandable storage to 64 GB.

Recommended Micro SD card for SYMA X5CS include Card 16GB microSDHC, M-One 16GB MicroSD, Samsung 32 GB UHS-I, and Samsung 64 GB UHS-I.

How High Can SYMA X5CS Fly?

The instruction manual indicates that the radio signals are meant to fly the quadcopter up to an altitude of 50m and a distance of 100m. Surprisingly, some individuals have documented higher altitudes as a high as 150m and they acknowledged that such heights drains the battery very fast. Therefore, it is a not a good idea to fly SYMA X5CS to such heights when the battery are low.