yuneec typhoon quadcopter

Yuneec Typhoon Quadcopter Drone with 4K Camera

Yuneec Typhoon 4K | Quadcopter Drone with 4K Camera
Drone technology is vastly evolving. The fast pace of technological innovation is amazing since it has the latest technology advancements.

A typical aircraft is composed of light composite materials that help to reduce the weight of the machine and increase its ability to maneuver.

The composite material enables military drones to cruise at high altitudes. Unlike other machines, drones are vastly equipped with a unique state of technology including infrared cameras, laser, and military UAV.

Their remote control systems is built with smart technology to assist in intelligent self-maneuvering and control.

With that said, an unnamed aerial vehicle system often has sensors as well as navigational systems.

While this is true about most of the drones in the industry, it’s also factual that there are many drone manufacturers in the industry. Each has its features and qualities.

This implies that drones have different engineering materials utilized to build their bodies.

One such drone is the Yuneec Typhoon 4K; a follow me drone that allows the user to get the best value.

Yuneec Typhoon 4k has an Android touchscreen controller that makes it fast regarding handling your tasks.

It captures about 1080p/120fps in slow motion. It also has a full manual of camera settings for creative control.

The drone enables you to have perfect ground shots regardless of your position.

Key features of Yuneec Typhoon 4K

  • It has a personal ground station coupled with the built-in touchscreen
  • It has a view to operating camera
  • Integrated axis combined with a precision camera
  • It has an ultra-high definition video
  • It has user controlled video resolution with white balanced as well as light exposure
  • Typhoon 4K has ST10+ and steady grip

With the ultra-high definition, Yuneec Typhoon 4K is four times the usual HD resolution. Its camera produces high-quality images accompanied by the ability to take pictures in slow motion.

Why You Should Settle For Yuneec Typhoon 4K
It’s compact, extremely portable, and easily foldable
For drone enthusiasts, lovers and professionals seeking a high-quality machine to match the video quality of your photos, Yuneec Typhoon should be the first choice on your list. Not only is it compact as well as light but it is also portable and easy to use. It can also easily fold therefore, you can fit it in your backpack.

State-of-the-art GO3 4K Gimbal Camera

The GO3 4K Gimbal Camera has an ultra definition to capture high-resolution images with incredible, unparalleled realism.

The tripod in the sky is an excellent combination of a camera in addition to digital video downlink. The drone has control over the tilt angle direction where it can view the universe from above.

Cutting edge mobile features

The modularity of the Typhoon 4K Drone has a steady grip handheld device that ensures all your ground shots are appropriately taken from the sky.

The mobile features and applications allow a steady grip in order to capture various images while shooting videos.

Besides, Yuneec 4K has electric propulsion as well as electric aviation that are powered by a lightweight Lipo battery.

You can set the drone into a POV mode that enables the sensors to rotate relative to the intended position of the drone.

Smart Phone capability

The digital video downlink enables you to follow live images from the drone’s camera through the remote control of the Yuneec copter.

This can also be achieved through your smartphone if you use a free CGO app.

Comes with a “follow me” feature

Perhaps one of the most excellent features is the follow me aspect. When enabled, the drone is leashed thereby allowing the pilot to control its location.

The feature also allows flying as well capturing video thus following the pilot smoothly.

Besides, the follow me feature also enables the camera of your Typhoon 4K drone to stay pointed.

The switch to home feature allows the drone to fly back toward the pilot who is holding the controller. It will automatically land near the pilot.

The handheld grip of the camera makes it convenient to use with a tablet or phone. It uses two batteries coupled with rotor blades included in an aluminum case.

The drone also has accessories to enable it to function correctly.