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Ring’s video doorbells are gaining more and more popularity among consumers as the company tries to upgrade the features and specs of its products.

Whether you’re concerned about lower-level crime such as package theft or more serious felonies, a video doorbell is essential to the alarm system of your home security.

Furthermore, with the increase in petty crime, more people are considering using these devices.

Ring Inc. has been around now for almost 8 years, and since the beginning, it has managed to satisfy its customers by offering high-quality products at an affordable price.

That’s why Ring’s video doorbells are so popular with customers looking for budget video doorbells, instead of the more expensive luxury brands.

Ring also offers several different models to choose from, which vary in price and features. Customers can buy any one of them according to their own personal needs.

In order to make such a smart investment, first, you need to become familiar with how a Ring Video Doorbell works and what each model has to offer. I

n the following article, you’ll find some useful information in this regard, along with a full review of the Ring Video Doorbell.

What Models are Available in the Ring Doorbell?

There are currently 6 different models of Ring Video Doorbells available on the market, which are as follows:

ring video doorbell second generation
Ring Video Doorbell
Ring Video Doorbell 3
Ring Video Doorbell 3
Ring Doorbell 3 Plus
Ring Doorbell 3 Plus
Ring Video Doorbell Elite
Ring Video Doorbell Elite
Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Ring Doorview Cam
Ring Doorview Cam

The first three versions provide most people with sufficient tools while the Pro and Elite models are more practical for security geeks or people with more reasons to be cautious.

Although one can go with the cheapest video doorbell, it’s worth considering all the other models to see if they’re more appropriate for your personal use.

As a general rule, note that the higher the price of the model, the more elegant its design. However, one might not care about the shape of a video doorbell as long as it functions as per expectations. That aspect depends on one’s tastes.

However compared to other home security companies, Ring’s video doorbell’s visual designs are big, clunky, and unlikely to top the charts in appearance, but this lack of visual charm in no way undermines their value.

Still, Ring could have done a better job of designing the outline of its products.

How to Install the Ring Doorbell

Fortunately, users can do the installation process all on their own by following the step-by-step guide provided in the accompanying manual. In fact, one of the advantages of Ring products is that they are very easy and intuitive to buy and install.

Everything that users need to install the Ring Video Doorbell already comes in the box with the device. Along with a charging cable, screws, and brackets. There is even a mini level for us to guarantee that our measurements are accurate. Although there is no chime included in the box, and you might need to buy one separately. Before purchasing a chime, make sure that it’s compatible with the Ring product’s frame. The online store will definitely provide you with all the needed information.

In regard to the source of energy, Ring gives you two choices, either DC or a battery pack.

Although using a battery pack might seem like the easier way on the surface, the wired rout will be well worth the effort and expense in the long run; in this way, You can get rid of the need to replace batteries every 6 to 12 months.

The battery method also comes with some limitations since the product might drain the battery quickly.

It’s also a hassle to have to turn off the Ring Video Doorbell every time the battery pack needs a recharge. With all these considerations, it’s a more reasonable choice to go with the wired route from the get-go.

During the installation process, you have to use the screwdriver provided by the manufacturer in order to tighten the screws.

This action is required due to the fact that the company used anti-theft screws to increase security; therefore, make sure you keep the screwdrivers somewhere safe and easy to find. The next step is to download the Ring app which can easily be found on Google Play or App Store.

Then after the synchronization process, all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.

Fortunately, the Ring app is free and doesn’t charge users any further fees, which is a real advantage compared to other home security companies such as Vivint or ADT Pulse.

After the first-time synchronization process, you can change the settings of the Ring Video Doorbell at any time by using the Ring application.

Ring Doorbell Video Monitoring

Ring has absolutely done a great job optimizing the performance of its products since the release of the original Ring Video Doorbell in 2014. Today all the available video doorbells of this company can capture video in full 1080p resolution with great details.

The Ring Video Doorbell is also highly customizable as you can adjust motion sensitivity simply by using the slider on your app. This device’s field of view is impressive.

With a 155field of view for cheaper models and 160field of view for more expensive ones, the cameras almost cover the entire area near the front door. Effectively, this means that whoever is standing outside your door, visible even if they try to hide to the sides of the camera.

You’ve got to appreciate just how much customization goes into this nifty gadget. Using the app, It’s possible to manually set the motion zones to prevent it from disturbing you every time a passer-by walks by the front door. This reduces the odds of a false notification. You can easily program it to pay attention to any special zones in the front of your house, essentially. Also note that with the regular models you have to choose from preset zones, whereas you can mark a customized area only with the Pro and Elite variants.

Recorded Video Playback

If settings are on default, whenever someone triggers your Ring, the footage is recorded and when you wish to view it, it is presented to you on a neat timeline with the time and date of the motion on display. This is much better and intuitive than an entire list of video clips to scroll through. That is a mark up from the company’s competitors.

This function is called Snapshot Capture, and it is active by default. Word of warning, though. If you are using a battery installation, this feature will most certainly punish your batteries. Ring claims that the batteries can last you from 6 to 12 months. Running the device with this function on will certainly drain your batteries fully before the higher end of that timescale spectrum.

Sound Quality on the Ring Doorbell

The audio quality of a video doorbell device might be the most important part of it. If the audio is of poor quality, it dissipates the overall practicality of the device.

Unfortunately, there are many companies which do not pay enough attention to this matter, thus putting off a lot of customers.

However, Ring has successfully managed to play its ace by enhancing the audio quality. Our testers have reported that the audio is crystal clear. Conversations can easily be heard on both sides of the line.

Although the built-in speaker could have been a little louder, the overall audio performance is very decent and steady during conversations.

Also, the Ring Video Doorbell would have really benefited from a self-recorded message feature such as those of the Arlo and Google Nest Hello.

Nonetheless, there is no concern over the audio quality of the Ring Video Doorbell and the company might consider adding some missing features to it in the future as well.

Subscription Plans for the Ring Doorbell

There is no need to subscribe to the offered plans, but they offer an additional layer of functionality that you might want to consider. If you only need to check the footage only once, then you don’t need it.

You only pay for the device and install it yourself.

However, if that’s not the case, then a subscription plan will save the videos to the cloud for your later reviewing. The plans are very cheap and get cheaper if you opt for the annual subscriptions.

The plus subscription is for when you are serious about your protection. With it, you get a discount for some ring devices you want to buy from Ring. You get unlimited cameras and also a lifetime warranty.

Neighbours Public Safety Service (Not available in Ireland yet)

Neighbours’ Public Safety Service might be the turning point in making and maintaining a safe environment for our families.

This service is also what makes Ring distinguished from its competitors. Ring’s Neighbours app provides several substantial benefits, the most important of which is reducing crime rates.

Therefore, if there is an ongoing crime taking place in your local community (set by you configuring the zip code), you’ll be notified to for warnings and extra precaution, or ease of mind if the reports are few and far in between. Neighbours offer an interface like those of social media apps that are only dedicated to sharing local security issues.

In addition to preventing crime, it can be used to help find missing adults, kids, or even house pets. Even in case of emergencies, the service can help people to reach those in trouble much faster.

It might even take a step further and help the police and detectives solve crimes and mysteries.

Despite all the above benefits, some users are concerned about the service violating their privacy.

However, Ring’s officials have made it clear that no private information is shared without users’ own consent.

Despite understanding valid concerns over user privacy, it’s undeniable what a secure environment can be achieved when people and public safety agencies work together.

I’m not sure how much uptake there would be for this service in Ireland but it does look good for the future.

Ring Doorbell Summary

ring doorbell
ring doorbell black colour

In conclusion, we were very pleased with the features of Ring products. The device’s standard “Video Doorbell 3” version will run you about €199.

With a bargain like that, the quality features of this device seem like an integral but small investment for security-conscious people in their greater arsenal of protection that Ring provides.

Speaking of which, you may put together a synergetic security system by browsing their enormous family of home security services.

For certain items, you can get a discount on certain products if you’ve subscribed to their plus services.

In comparison to the other versions, you can take another look at Ring’s selection of different video doorbells to according to your needs and budget.

Looking at the options you have, the wired and more advanced version will be more expensive (€279) but offer a more compact and slimmer designed coupled with the dependable hardwired connection.

One the other hand, the original Video Doorbell will only cost you €99 if you’re on a budget.

You might want to consider the Peephole Cam if you’re a condo or apartment dweller which with €129, costs somewhere in the middle of the options.

On the top of the tech chain, we have the Video Doorbell Elite, which will cost you €399.

This variant comes with the best type of connection available which is an Ethernet connection and a flush-mount fixture for the device.

Our only gripe is that this product takes up more space than its competitors. Sleeker designs and smaller frames are preferred.

Our front doors are the face of the house and where we meet guests, after all.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite
Ring Video Doorbell Elite
Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Ring Doorview Cam
Ring Doorbell Doorview Cam

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