CBD Oil Shops in Dublin

CBD Oil has become a huge movement in Ireland. People in Dublin have been raving about the positive effects it’s been having one pain, headaches and been used as a general anti-inflammatory aid. Here’s a list of CBD shops in the Dublin area where you can buy a range of CBD products.

The Hemp Shop Dublin

Phone: (01) 874 8515
Address:167 Capel Street, Dublin 1, Ireland
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00–18:00

The Hemp Shop has an excellent online and in-store presence in Dublin. They also have numerous partner stores throughout Ireland.

They have a strong belief in the power of healing from hemp and acknowledge how it is been used throughout history for healing, recreation and nutrition. It’s not just CBD Oil, they supply but a wide range of hemp products such as clothes, fibre and health supplements.

They supply high-quality CBD Oils in store and are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Dublin area.

Dublin CBD Shop

Phone: (01) 558881
Address: Finglas South, Dublin 11, Ireland

In their about section CBD Oil Ireland refer to themselves has ‘Expert CBD’. This must be the official name of the company. This company has a wide selection of CBD oil with numerous popular brands. Vaping, oils, creams, drops and capsules can all be purchased here. It seems they prefer for customers to use their online portal.

CBD Relieve Dublin

Phone: 01 460 4000
Address 1: St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm / Sunday 11am – 6pm

Address 2: Jervis Shopping Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm / Sunday 11am – 6pm

CBD Relieve has an excellent online sales portal where they give detailed descriptions of all their products. They have a very FAQ section on their CBD oils that takes you through everything you need to know.

CBD Relief

Address: River Beauty, Junction 6, Dublin 15

This company has a store near junction 6. It seems only one brand of CBD oil is available on their online portal. If someone knows more about the store get in touch.