15 Awesome Places to Stay in Ireland For a Staycation

Whether you prefer the wild, sea, or city, having a staycation in Ireland is the epitome of an ideal destination for a getaway. Thanks to the global pandemic most of our time on vacation will be spent staying in the hotel, it is, therefore, essential you go for a destination that is exactly meant to suit your style and make the irresistibly enjoyable.

A staycation in Ireland can be one of the best ways to relax and unwind. You can easily get a place to stay at and then pursue all the activities you love without having to leave the city.

Ireland is home to some hidden gems with lovely surroundings that make it possible to have a wonderful staycation in the country. Whether it’s a spa, outdoor activities, or beautiful natural scenery, this country has everything you could wish for.

Here are the 15 best places to stay in Ireland to make your trip even more memorable.

1. Ashford Castle, Cong, County Mayo, Ireland

This extraordinary 800-year-old castle is surrounded by a bed of greenery. The stay-in is known for its exceptional service towards each and every guest.

With a spectacular view, valuable interiors, scrumptious cuisine, and the personal essence of Ashford Castle bring out the best life of Ireland in the most peaceful way possible. Not just that, to prove the unforgettable experience, the remarkable team of the Castle has been voted for numerous awards and praises.

One of them includes the “Best Of The Best” by a luxury travel network called Virtuoso. It comes with 83 elegant rooms and 6 restaurants and 3 bars to get you everything you need all in one place.

2. Portsalon Luxury Camping, Cashelpreaghan, Portsalon, Co Donegal

Although it feels incredible to stay-in in a luxurious hotel, nothing can take the experience that you will get from finding out the adventurous side of the city?all without at the expense of your comfort.

Donegal is one of the few places in the world where you can get the best of both worlds. By staying in Donegal you not only get to enjoy the spectacular landscape of camping but will make full use of its extravagant facilities as well.

The tent allows you to stay in 5 deluxe yurts with king-size beds and traditional stoves. If you’re in a mood to try something different, Donegal is equipped with everything for you to indulge yourself in barbeque and picnics.

3. Inis Meáin Restaurant & SuitesInis Meáin, Aran Islands, Ireland

If royal and traditional is not your bet, Inis Meáin Restaurant is totally the right staycation destination for you. This beautiful suite extends a modern remote and precisely designed experience on the windswept island of Inishmaan. Unlike most of the stay-ins that are hundreds of years old, this contemporary hotel is only a few years old. However, don’t let that confuse you of its extraordinary value. The hotel has prevailed its name and filled the island with its high-quality service and guests who travel hours only to catch a glimpse of its fine beauty.

4. Delphi Resort, Co Galway

Here comes another staycation destination to give you more of a memorable experience than a fancy luxurious one. Delphi Resort is a 4-star resort overlooking the exquisite beauty of mountains and the tempting setting of Delphi Valley.

Considering their fantastic services and impressive facilities like spas and 20 outdoor activities, this resort makes an ideal choice for a family getaway.

Delphi Resort has received some great reviews from people who have stayed here and enjoyed their holiday. You can even book the adventure activities beforehand and then plan a staycation in which there is not a single moment of boredom.

5. The Cliff House HotelArdmore, County Waterford, Ireland

This yet another hotel with extraordinary modern architecture is Cliff House Hotel which is located in Ardmore. Surrounded by Geopark-designed marvelous cliffs, this hotel is stretched all the way to the magnificent beach.

Believe it or not, the best part about the whole destination is actually the building itself. Built with modern boutique-like architecture with the walls of glass, this hotel gives more of a country house look than a center one.

The splendid views and sea make this a lively destination to stay in Ireland. Thus, if peace is what you’re looking for, the cliff House Hotel is just the right choice for you.

6. Fota Island, Co. Cork

Now, this is for all the wildlife lovers out there. Fota Island is one of Cork’s most famous places that consists of 780 acres of open space, 100 acres of the wildlife park, and is surrounded by refreshing gardens and open spaces to make reenergise the entire holiday experience.

What distinguishes Fota island from the rest is its Fairing Trails and woodlands walks which allures many holidaymakers to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Upon stay, you can expect to get spoiled with comfortable Fota Island Spa, adventure, and three Championship golf courses that are second to none.

7. Ballyvolane House, Fermoy, Ireland

Ballyvolane House is a traditional Italian stay-in destination with gleaming polished doors, wooden panels, bookshelves, all designed with an amalgam of the most valuable furniture pieces available on land.

Giving it a contemporary yet traditional look, Ballyvoalne’s lavishing self-servicing bar and facilities give this an ultimate upper hand among all the rest traditional hotels out there. With this, you don’t only rest assured of its aesthetically pleasing appearance, but you can also ensure to have a relaxed and chilled time throughout your journey.

One of many reasons why Ballyvolane makes the holidaymakers’ top destination is its remarkable memory of the owners (Green family) who owned the restaurant in 1953 and has now turned this masterpiece into a guesthouse with six bedrooms to let other Ireland tourists take full advantage of its beauty.

8. Butler House, Kilkenny

This Butler House beds fourteen luxurious rooms and suites that will satisfy holidaymakers of any preference. The architecture and design approach of the hotel is focused on creating a juxtaposition of modern contemporary and original antique furnishing that gives an attractive appearance to the overall house.

Each special room in the Butler House comes with suitable bow winders and overlooks a beautiful bed of greens and Kilkenny Castle?imagine how beautiful would that look!

9. Kinsale, Co Cork

Ditching the ordinary fancy and joining the fun of life, Kinsale has been known to entice tourists with its funky persona. Originally, Kinsale is a fishing village and is popular for being the foodie capital of Ireland. Yes, you read that right!

It is meant for tourists who are here to take a fresh start in Ireland with delicious traditional foods which are in collaboration with Michelin-starred restaurants like Bastian and Fishy Fishy. Upon stay, you can get a chance to visit other local attractions like Charles Fort and a scenic walk along the refreshing beaches and Old Heaf of Kinsale.

10. Kelly’s Hotel Dublin

Now that we’ve seen a good proportion of serene destinations, it’s time we have a look at the city lights of Dublin, Ireland. For our socializer tourists out there, this quirky boutique is located at the heart of the city center, with artsy streets, hand-selected design pieces, and comfortable beds, you can expect Kelly’s to give you comfort at night and blazing fun activities during the day.

What makes this destination incredible is its Victorian-era charm that you never really get to see anywhere else.

11. Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

If you’re in Ireland to experience the lives of Irish people, Clontarf Castle Hotel is the place to go. Just like how any other local lives, this castle is close to the city center and is surrounded by spectacular local shops where you get to grab a Hello Bombay Sapphire for afternoon tea and a gastropub that has the best rib burger in town.

When it comes to the stay-in alone, its beautiful and spacious rooms are equipped with classic furniture to give a home-like feel on the entire journey.

12. The Lodge at Ashford Castle

This scenic view belongs to the ever ravishing Lodge which is built-in 1865. Lodge at Ashford Castle stretches to cover 350 acres that overlook the magical lake Corrib. This place has every essence of elegance and serendipity that you would like for a staycation. That’s not it before you could leave your eyes off this beautiful place you’ll be invited to have dinner at Wildes which is named after a renowned surgeon William Wilde who is also the father of an extraordinary writer named Oscar.

Here you will be able to enjoy some rare activities like falconry, clay shooting and archery, and tree climbing. People also hold their weddings and other special events at this place because of the beautiful backdrops it offers. Throughout your stay, you will be able to enjoy in-room dining. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, this is the best place to stay.

13. Ballyfin County Laois, Ireland

Ballyfin is known to be Ireland’s one of the most remarkable country houses that are now reopened as a luxurious hotel. The stunning hotel is a 600-acre wall of woods, hills, and water to protect its privacy from the public eye.

The beauty of the house lies in its tranquil lakes and stratospheric hospitality that will surely elevate your standards of guest service. When it comes to style, you can expect from glorious rooms to grandeur library, saloon to drawing room ll filled with fine architecture and magnificent paintings and masses of books.

If you are a fan of geologic formations, you would love to stay here. The scenery will take you back to the medieval times and let you enjoy the true beauty of Ireland.

14. Centre Parcs, Longford

This state-of-art stay in the destination is located in Longford Wood and covers more than 400 acres of spacious area. Although it is currently shut down due to Covid, but will certainly reopen before you even know it.

If chilling at home is not your thing, Centre Parcs is just the right place for you. The resort overlooks breathtaking views and offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor water activities and spa facilities for you to indulge in.

15. Mount Wolseley

With a private garden, magnificent sweeping tree-lined drive, and serene lake ?this resort is all you need to have an extravagant holidays staycation in Ireland. With a captivating view, Mount Wolseley is famous for business, leisure, and to celebrate special occasions for many holidaymakers.

Additionally, if you decide to lounge at this hotel you can expect a complete Championship Golf Course, Spa, and extensive spa facilities for that ever needed luxurious holiday.

It is a good idea to book the hotel in advance to avoid disappointment because a lot of people stay here for a staycation. Such a vacation may extend over a week and therefore you won’t be able to book it on the spot.

Due to COVID-19, a lot of people are moving away from the idea of a traditional vacation. They don’t want to mingle with crowds or visit congested indoor areas where there is a high risk of catching the infection. Staycation is a relatively newer term that describes essentially a vacation where you stay at one place and explore the surroundings on your own. A number of places have recently entered the picture that offer tons of activities for those who are planning a staycation. Ireland is also one of those countries where a lot of these places can be found.

If you are planning a staycation in Ireland, we have given you a round-up of all the best places to stay and make it a worthwhile experience.

Some of these are hidden gems that not many people know of and are therefore quite peaceful and serene. Ireland is a beautiful place to stay at and if you want to reconnect with nature, this is the best country to plan a staycation in.