best mattresses in ireland

The Best Mattresses in Ireland

Besides water and food, sleep is one of the most important things to a human being. Getting a good nights sleep allows us to restore and rejuvenate our bodies and minds. So, with the importance of sleep in mind, I want to know what’s the best Mattress available in Ireland to aid me in my nighttime recovery. 

Adults will spend over 2,555 hours a year asleep. So, I’m dedicating a few of my awake hours to find the best Mattress that can give me the most comfort during my 2,555 sleep hours. 

I’m going to hit the review sites, find feedback from professionals and pull together a list of the best mattresses available to the Emerald Isle inhabitants. 

We’re all different, some of us are athletes, a few might be carrying an extra bit of timber, and some of us need more support for health reasons. 

In no particular order here are a few of the best mattresses I was able to dig out that could provide us with the most comfortable sleep ever! 

According to healthline the longest recorded time with someone going without sleep is 264 hours (11 days). 

1. Emma Mattress 

emma mattress ireland

If you’ve searched anything to do with Mattresses in Ireland you’ll see the Emma website feature in Google’s top search results. It’s not just because they have a killer marketing team; they have a highly sought after state of the art mattress that the world is raving about right now. 

Their Google reviews show a very favourable 4.7/5 star review. A few of the one-star reviews were more focused on the delivery process, very unfair to Emma as a few of the 1-star reviews were during the Covid-19 pandemic where all e-commerce deliveries suffered. 

The 5-star reviewers hold this Mattress in very high regard. Lots of customers giving delightful feedback to the manufacturer about how sleep has improved, aches and pains are gone, and it’s crazy how supportive this foam-based Mattress is. 

2. Easca Mattress 

Just like Emma, Easca is a foam-based mattress company based out of Lisburn. They have some outstanding compliments from customers about the quality and effectiveness of the Mattress to enhance a good nights sleep. 

The Mattress has a cooling memory foam top layer, with a second layer of supportive foam that gives the user a huge amount of comfort while also remaining very breathable. The 3rd layer of foam is more supportive and helps give the user by giving them a natural posture in their spine which is one of the reasons Easca helps relieve back and shoulder pains in it’s users. 

They claim to be Ireland’s number 1 mattress, and we’re not surprised. The customer feedback is immense. Again, people saying back pain has subsided, sleeping better and a couple of people saying they’re never getting out of bed again. 

3. Simba Mattress

A UK based company that says it no longer delivers to Ireland called Simba Sleep is a top contender from all the reviews and forums I’ve been reading. 

If you really wanted this Mattress delivered you could use your address pal function with An Post. 

Simba’s Google Reviews are 4.1 stars out of 5, and people are delighted with the delivery and comfort from this mattress company. 

4. Molblly Memory Foam Mattress (Editors Choice)

Molblly is an excellent mattress company that delivers to Ireland and is free delivery if you’re an Amazon Prime member. 

The Mattress is described as comfortable, breathable and supports a superb nights sleep for people of all shapes and sizes. 

Amazon customers have given this Mattress an Amazing 4.7 out of 5 stars. I like how Amazon has reviews from Verified purchases as well, so you know these are tried and tested. 

Customers have described this Mattress as cloud nine delivered in a box, probably my favourite review so far. 

5. Yanis Latex Bliss Mattress

yanis blue bliss

This Mattress from the experienced mattress making firm Yanis is manufactured in the UK but is extremely popular in the Irish market. 

They area luxurious mattress makers. This isn’t a mattress in a box company. They deal with high end classic mattresses with a modern foam twist to incorporate comfort with long lasting mattress performance.

Yanis Mattresses have a 97% positivity rating on Amazon. Yanis Latex Bliss Mattress excellent recommendations for its comfort and supportive nature. 

This mattress is available with Amazon Prime and delivers to Ireland. 

Before you buy a mattress I’d highly recommend reading reviews and customer feedback before purchasing. You should look for people who have feedback relating to your concerns such as ‘is this mattress good for back pains’ or ‘is this a good mattress for professional athletes’. 

The brilliant thing about buying mattresses in Ireland nowadays is we have so much selection from online sources. A few clicks and a new mattress to assist you in your sleep could delivered in less than 2 days.