Side Hustle Idea’s

If you are a person who would like an opportunity to earn extra, here are some ideas that you can venture into. It may earn you a little or a lot, but what’s important is the effort.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where you gain a percentage of a sale from promoting other peoples products or services. Some companies don’t want to spend a considerable budget on advertising, so they are more than happy to give a percentage of the sale to bloggers, vloggers, influencers or podcasters in exchange for sales.

This is a favourite side hustle as you have the ability to earn from home. Learning digital marketing is your best way to earn money as an affiliate marketer. It helps understand marketing, the buyers journey and the key figures you need to focus on for growth.

You can join networks where you, as an affiliate marketer, can join companies affiliate programmes in many niches.

Selling Old Clothes 

You may have a lot of unused clothes in your cabinet, and it may be there for a reason, such as you no longer wear the clothes cause it does not fit you anymore, or you don’t like the colour, or there is a new trend that you are following.

This is the fastest way to earn money and to which you need a little energy to prepare.

All you have to do is to separate the frequently used clothes from unused and old clothes. Check each of the clothes before you post it online or offer it to your friends.

Sell Out Gadgets 

You may have an old phone that you no longer use, and it is just accumulating dust in your drawer. You may have books that used to be a best-seller, but still good for those who would like to have something they can collect.

You can offer these books online and your old gadgets. Surely there will be interested people, to get it off your back. Just make sure you are selling it at a reasonable price.


This is an easy task and will include feeding the pets, taking out the garbage, cleaning the place, watering the plants, and making sure everything is in order and, of course, all you have to do is to be there so that no one will try to do something foolish.

Survey for Money

There is a website that will pay you for answering a survey or doing some tasks for them. This will not pay you that much, but it is still a big help for when you need a steady cash here and there.

Some sample of a survey site that is well known is called Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. You need to sign up first, and it is just free to sign up, plus it will take you a few minutes to do so.

Sell Your Artwork 

If you are an artist who has a hobby of painting or sketching, this is a way for you to earn some money. You may upload your image to some sites where you can turn your artwork for money, sites such as Etsy, ArtPal, ArtFire, etc.


This is also an income generator for you since there are many online private tutoring companies where you can sign up and undergo some application process before they allow you to tutor.

If you have some background, and this is also what you love to do, this is the time to make money out of what you love.

Become a Personal Shopper

This may take time for some, but if you are someone who also loves to shop, then this is something that you should think about. This can generate some money for you.

You may start asking around from your friends if they require a personal shopper or if they knew someone who does. Maybe they can refer you, or you can get the contact number of these people and offer your services.


Are you someone who has a green thumb and loves to be around plants and trees, making the surroundings beautiful? Then this is for you.

You can do this during springtime, and you can design a neighbour’s garden, colleagues, or even a relative. You don’t have to get overly complicated with specialist services such as tree surgery. Cutting grass and hedges is a majority of the customer requests.

As long as you know what you are doing and if you even have a portfolio of your work to show for it, then you are ready.

Partake in Focus Groups 

A focus group is where you get paid for meeting for a few hours, and taking part in the discussion about certain products, can be a discussion about a show or can be political in nature. People are paid cash or given a gift card for taking part in the discussion.

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog stands out as an attractive side hustle chiefly due to its low initial investment. Typically, one only needs to secure a domain name, web hosting, and a basic design, with platforms like WordPress offering cost-effective solutions for beginners.

This digital endeavor offers unparalleled flexibility; bloggers can write, manage content, and engage with their audience at their convenience, perhaps during quiet evening hours or weekends.

Over time, as the blog gains traction and attracts a consistent readership, it has the potential to become a sustainable source of income. Monetization opportunities such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or ad revenue can transform a casual blogging endeavor into a lucrative venture.

Beyond financial incentives, blogging provides a platform for individuals to express their thoughts, share expertise, and build a personal or professional brand. The cumulative impact of consistent blogging can open doors to broader opportunities, such as book deals, public speaking engagements, or consulting roles. In essence, a blog is not just a digital diary but a dynamic asset with the power to grow, adapt, and yield returns in both tangible and intangible forms.

I personally think ad revenue from blogging is my favourite form of revenue generation as you just get paid for views.

Selling Crafts

You can make ornaments, quilts, crocheted items, knitted clothes, decorative pieces, handmade items, among others. These are items that you can sell at bazaars or online or offer it to your relatives or friends.

If it is a hobby, you will have a profit from it in no time.

Selling Baked Goods

You may have a hobby of baking, and this is one way for you to earn extra. There are also many ways to sell baked goods cause it can be a giveaway for getting together, parties, during an organizational meet, and such.

It would be best to have some connection in your neighborhood or have them try some of your baked goods cause if they like it, they will tell others about it.

Do Some Handy Work

Maybe you know a thing or two about fixing a faucet, know some minor repairs, painting jobs, or you are great in interior decorating and making it look spectacular, then this may be another way to earn some money.

Even if you only do this on weekends and for how many houses you get to service, you will have lots of extra money on the side.

Cleaning Service 

Many homeowners don’t have time to clean their houses as much as they want to. They can no longer scrub their bathrooms or mop floors, or even wash the walls, driveway, or the garage because they are just too tired after a day’s work.

If you are not too picky with the work that you are doing, then you may also consider cleaning other people’s houses.

Car Washing and Valet Service

People want to have nice shiny clean cars and they’re willing to spend a lot of money to have it. It costs very little to set up a car washing or valet service. You just need water, soap and a hoover to make a go of it.

Some people have started doing a come to your house valet service where people don’t need to leave their home. This side hustle can earn money very quickly for people.

Petting Sitting 

If you own a dog or you love animals so much and don’t mind taking care of them for other people, this side hustle is for you. There are pet owners who may need to go on a vacation for a few days, or they want to have a weekend away from home, then you are the best candidate for pet sitting.

You need to be patient in taking care of the animal and feed them on time, if they need to walk outside for their exercise or you need to clean their cage, you can sign up for the job.

It will be between the owner and you regarding the fee.


Maybe you have an extra room that you can rent out to college students or couples. You only need to collect the rent every month, and it is up to you on the privileges your renters have.

You may also list your room for Airbnb and have those who go on a vacation rent out your room for a few days. You need to provide the necessities for them, though, and make sure they are highly comfortable with their stay.

Grocery Delivery Service

This is just like a personal shopper, but all you have to buy are necessities for a family or even for single people who are too busy to fill their fridge with what they need.

This is easy to do since you often go to the grocery yourself, why not do it for someone else and earn money at the same time?

You can have some extras to buy your groceries from the money you will earn here.

Start Writing Articles 

Many websites will pay you good money to write an article. If you have a learning and have an interest in article writing, this is a good side hustle for you.

You need to find a reputable website to write for, sign up, and finish some tests, and once you are accepted, you are on your way to writing different articles.

You can write anything from dieting, sports, home repairs, travel, animals and pets, fashion, and many more.

Work as a Social Media Manager

Social media management emerges as a compelling side hustle in today’s digitally-driven landscape. With businesses, both big and small, recognizing the power of social media platforms to connect with customers, there’s a growing demand for adept individuals who can navigate these digital waters.

For those familiar with the nuances of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, social media management not only offers a flexible working schedule, often allowing for remote work, but also a chance to tap into a steady stream of income.

The task involves crafting engaging content, analyzing data for strategy refinement, and often, real-time interaction with the audience, tasks that many businesses prefer to outsource.

Additionally, as this domain constantly evolves, it offers continuous learning opportunities, ensuring that the role remains both challenging and rewarding. For those with a knack for digital communication and a pulse on current trends, social media management can be a side hustle that’s both financially rewarding and professionally enriching.

Like Affiliate marketing and Blogging, you’ll need to understand the basics of digital marketing to gain a feel for the industry and how much to charge.

Teach English Online 

Being an English tutor is one of the most in-demand side hustle nowadays. There are just many people wanting to learn English and how to write or speak the language.

You may get over twenty dollars for an hour of tutoring here.

If you also have a bachelor’s degree plus a year of teaching skills, then you most definitely have a chance.

Company Brochure & Ebook Development

ebook design side hustle

Canva has been an industry disruptor for graphic designers. Prebuilt templates allow canva users to develop fantastic brand assets for companies and yield significant rewards.

Generating eBooks for businesses can indeed be an excellent side hustle, particularly in our information-driven era. As businesses consistently seek to establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries, eBooks serve as effective tools to provide valuable content to their target audience. Crafting an eBook allows a business to delve deep into subjects, offering insights, case studies, or comprehensive guides that can be harder to communicate through shorter content forms like blog posts or social media updates.

Rent Out Your Parking Space 

Since some people do have numerous cars that they don’t know where to place it anymore, here is where you can earn some cash out of these people’s cars.

Has your garage rented by other people so they can have an extra parking space? If you only have a car in a three-car garage, then it is best to make use of this opportunity to earn a few bucks.

Food Delivery

food delivery side hustle

High rents in popular cities such as Dublin has people searching for side hustles just to make ends meat. Food delivery can been seen as full time jobs for a lot of people, and there is nice money to be made but it’s also a good side hustle. Joining deliveroo or uber eats could help you fund other areas of your life and is a renowned side hustle to take on board.

Side Hustle FAQ’s

Is it worth starting a side hustles?

If you need extra money, you hate your job, or you’d like to make money from your passion then a side hustle is definitely worth it. A side hustle should not come at the expense of a work life balance. If a side hustle is going to cause stress then it may not be worth taking on all the extra work.

What are the highest paid side hustles?

Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping and blogging revenue have the most potential for high earnings however they can take time to build up. Starting a car valet service is a quick lucrative way to make money online quickly.

How to start a side hustle very little money?

You can start blogging and affiliate marketing from as little as €100 a year. The only thing you need is to invest time in building organic traffic to your blog and increasing your social media presence.

Side Hustle Video Recording

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If you are a person who would like an opportunity to earn extra, here are some ideas that you can venture into. It may earn

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