revolut card

A Guide to Your New Revolut Card

So, I’m pretty excited about a lot of these new digital banking apps. The new Revolut card was my first entry into this world of digital banking. I have to say; I am extremely impressed so far. 

It was a tough decision whether to use Revolut or N26, but my decision came because of partner; She chose Revolut when she was going on holiday with her family. She declared it the best thing ever, so of course, I had to get it as well. 

I’ve been using the Revolut Card & App for over a year now, and I think it’s a brilliant tool for travel, budgeting, secure transfers and keeping track of spending. 

Revolut Dashboard.
Example of Revolut App Dashboard

The main selling point of the Revolut card is its ability to convert currency at the best possible rates, transfer to international markets for nothing, and of course, spend money around the world with no fees. The planets best credit cards don’t offer this. 

What can you do with Revolut?

  • Revolut is a UK business so you get a UK current account with sort code and European IBAN. It works the exact same as a current account. It allows your to withdraw cash from ATM’s, set up recurring payments, integrate with apps like Google and Apple pay. 
  • Hold a Currency in 16 different countries. 
  • Paying friends by your phone number and being able to split a restaurant bill.
  • Visual Spending Analytics – I love this feature. The interface of Revolut is fantastic. It helps me identify spending patterns and keeps a great record of purchase habits I have. 
  • Change your password and CVV. It’s a small thing but if you ever misplaced your card you can change the pin or cvv for piece of mind. 
  • Making international payments has so easy since I bought a revolut card.