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The rising trend of the climate crisis has many people looking at becoming more eco friendly. The first step is cutting down our carbon footprint and a big way to do that is to go electric, especially when it comes to our electric cars.

This trend has also brought about a new business opportunity for electricians to offer EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Points at residential and commercial businesses. We’ve started doing a bit of research into the best EV Charger Installers in Ireland and in no particular order this is a few we’ve come back with:


car charge ireland has a fantastic website at the moment. They don’t have many reviews online yet but they seem to be affiliated with a company dedicated to installing charging points in public areas. They have a revenue share with car park owners which is a really good idea for the future.

The have a map here detailing all the best electric car charging locations with their company –

I’d give them a thumbs up for the design of their ports and be willing to guess they’ll be big in the future. Costs currently unknown. You can find more about them here –

2. Electric Ireland – Electric Vehicle Home Charger

electric ireland ev charger installation

If you’re lucky enough to be a customer of Electric Ireland you can get a serious deal on EV Charger Installation prices. It’s ridiculously good pricing for customers and something you should take advantage of if you get the chance. There website says quotes from around €150 but I haven’t actually enquired myself.

You should visit the website here where they speak more about it – Electric Ireland EV Installation

3. Powerwise Electrical

power wise electrial

Powerwise Electrical have some good reviews online. They’re doing both residential and commercial properties so they have a wide variety of expertise under their belt. They also offer service and maintenance offers if you’re going to use their services.

The pricing is unknown but they do walk through some unique selling points of switching to Electric Cars such as tax exemptions and fuel savings.

You can look more into their services here –

4. Nigel M. Daly Electrical Ltd

nigel daly electrical

Nigel Daly seems to be gearing his business towards EV installation. He’s actually set up a different website dedicated to EV Charging Station Installation. He also has a very prestigious electrical company with good reviews online.

His EV website is A great name to appear closer to the top of search results under ev charging stations.

His new website doesn’t seem to be finished. There’s default text appearing under the quotation tab. I’d bet his services are pretty good judging from his history as an electrician.

5. Smartcharge Ltd ev installation specialists

They seem to be charging cars for a very long time. They’re website indicates they’ve been installing EV installation for over 8 years now. They do have some nice testimonials as well.

From very first point of enquiry contact to completed installation of our home charger, Smartcharge have provided a masterclass in value for money, customer service, dilligence and professionalism. I honestly can’t recomend them highly enough. 08/Feb/2018

Justin D. Sandycove, Dublin

Their EV ports are very stylish and discreet. If you want to check them out they have some nice visuals on their website highlighting previous installations –



Ecarinfra is a new company I spotted rising in popularity. Not only do they provide installation services, they also have online e-commerce functionality on their website.

So far the have some excellent 5-star reviews from their customers who are raving about the quality of service this company is providing.

We had our charge point installed on the 10/03/20. Tony and Dave were extremely professional and knowledgable. Couldn’t be happier! Recommended.

Tony Byrne cover residential, commercial and civil clients. This company seems like they could be very big in the green energy business.


TSG Charge are another company that seems to be popping up around Ireland. They have the following certifications and registrations:

  • Safe Electric Registration number A4299 – valid until 31/12/2020
  • NSAI Certificate of Registration of Quality Management System to I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Petroleum Equipment Institute
  • Membership of Association for Petroleum & Explosives Administration

You can find out more about their business here –

They have 5 star reviews according to their Google Reviews interactions.


Epower is a Cork based company operating nationwide. They have excellent 5 star reviews from customer all over the country.

They provide domestic, commercial and hotel installations. They have a 10 – 14 day turn around for installations. They’ll guide you through SEAI grants where you can receive up to €600 if you’re a private EV owner.

They have more information here –


It’s hard to indicate who may be the best installation provider for EV ports in Ireland since theirs very little reviews online to get a good feel for a company.

One common thing on all websites is they’re trying to help you with a grant that provides up to €600 for the installations. The website referenced is which stands for the ‘Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’. I’d highly recommend checking out that website before picking an installation specialist.

As per anything I speak about, you should do your own due diligence before picking an installor for your EV Port. Definitely think about getting 3 quotes. That should be standard practice but remember the cheapest isn’t always the best.

Good luck with your eco-friendly adventure.

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