boat and marine insurance in ireland

Everything You Need to Know About Boat Insurance

  • Ensure your protect yourself from damaging others boats
  • Receive access to marina’s with boat insurance
  • Get a different range of insurance options for your marine vessel.
  • Feel safe on the water with Fetch Boat Insurance

Marine and Boat Insurance. Tailored it to your lifestyle.

We understand the effort it takes to run a boat. Your time, energy and money invested in your boat is precious to you and that getting value for money. Your boat and marine insurance needs to be an important part of protecting that investment. You should seek professional advice to ensure you get the best possible coverage for your vessel.

Third party insurance is the minimum most sailors and yachtsmen should consider while taking their boat out on the water. If you’re not worried about covering your own vessel you should worry about damaging others. Accidents can happen on the water. If you damage someone else yacht, you’re held responsible to pay for those damages.

What type of Vessel cover do we have?

Motor Crusier and Fishing Vessel Insurance:
Our insurance providers on file have a wide range of insurances tailored for you. The can cover motor crusiers, small recreational fishing vessels and fast fishers.

Rib Inflatbale Insurance:
Our Rigid Inflatable insurance brought to you by our advisors offer 4 different levels of cover. Third party seems to be the most popular with this type of vessel.

Yacht Insurance Cover:
Our advisors yacht insurance also has 4 different types of motor insurance. They can cover your yacht in the water and at private bouys for up to 5 months of the year in Ireland.

Sports Boat Insurance:
This is an insurance most people are smart enough to invest in. The faster you go the more risk you have on the water. You should have insure your passengers, third party and vessel damage.

You need to carry out due diligence before going with an insurer. Ensure you think about what type of cover you need. Don’t rush into anything and we always suggest talking to at least two insurance providers.