Pensions in Ireland

pensionsWith such a wealth of pensions products available, finding a plan that suits your specific needs, provides a healthy return and is favourably aligned to your current tax position can be confusing.

The best time to seek pension advice is now. All too often our experienced advisers are contacted by those on the cusp of retirement, who believe their pension pot to be far greater than it actually is. This is a case of better late than never.

So, don’t let your various pension plans sit in a drawer while they mature. Seek professional advice now and enjoy the retirement your hard work deserves.

Some factors to consider when going for pension advice. 

  • Are you paying too much in pension charges?
  • Will you have the income you need when you retire?
  • Could you save money by merging multiple pensions?
  • Is your level of risk right for you?
  • How can you protect your pension fund from market downturns
  • Does your plan reflect your circumstances?
  • Is your pension plan tax efficient?

I’ve recently started a pension myself and I’m finding the whole process very interesting. Which funds are higher risk, which ones I should be in because of my age and what type of risks I can take.

We used a company in Cork that were fantastic in explaining everything to do with funds. It’s refreshing to sit down with someone and get all the information you need through.