Gadget Insurance

gadget insuranceWhether at home or abroad, there are certain gadgets we simply couldn’t live without. It’s only when disaster strikes that we realise just how much we rely on smartphones, laptops and iPads to work, rest and play.

This is precisely why, if your beloved gadget is damaged, lost or stolen, you need to get back in the loop as quickly as you can. Gadget insurance minimises the cost, stress and hassle associated with replacing the beloved companion you simply cannot do without. Phones, iPads, Laptops are so expensive nowadays it’s hard not to justify insurance for them.

Find Cover that suits you…

Everyone needs gadget insurance to meet a specific set of requirements. This ensures the comprehensive cover you need is in place without paying a penny more than you should.

  • Accidental damage – from a cracked screen to a full blown write-off.
  • Liquid damage – the cover you need if your phone ends up in the drink.
  • Theft – with mobile phone and laptop theft on the rise, theft cover is included as standard on the majority of gadget insurance policies.
  • Breakdown – protection for your gadget if it has a fault after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.
  • Unauthorised usage – if your mobile is lost or stolen, blacklist your phone and you will be covered against the cost of unauthorised calls.

Example of Gadget Insurance

I personally have gadget insurance out on my Apple Macbook Pro. The laptop cost me €1200 and is valued at that on my insurance forms. I pay a total of €7.99 a month at the moment and have full cover including theft, accident and liquid damage. The only thing that’s annoying with the premium is I have to pay €100 excess. I think it’s worth it in the grand scheme of things as I could afford to replace a €1200 piece of equipment essential to my livelihood.

Shop around and find the best deal for you. Some companies offer better premiums depending on the device and claim history you’ve had in the past.