iPhone Insurance Information

iphone insuranceThe iPhone is more than just a phone. We use them for everything from texting and making calls to taking photos, browsing the internet, listening to music and playing games. With so many potential uses, our iPhones go everywhere we do, and as a result, they are increasingly exposed to risk.

Some insurers exploit the emotional attachment many of us have with our iPhones and the sentimental data they hold by charging expensive premiums or providing unnecessary cover.

Two Friends Stories on iPhone Insurance

Gary: I bought my iphone 6 on a 24 month contract for €199 and declined to take up an offer of insurance for €10 a month. 6 months into my 24 month contract I accidentally spilled a pint all over my iphone 6. It was toast. I sent it off to the manufacturer and was told that it wasn’t covered under guarantee as it was water damaged. So now I’m back to my oldschool button phone and paying €40 a month for it. If I could go back in time I’d have taken the option of insurance for a small €10 per month.

Jason: I bought the iphone 5s and on a 12 month contract and took out insurance at €10 per month. Turns out it was the best decision I made. My phone fell out of my pocket and smashed off the floor while I was getting out of my van. The phone was full covered and I only had to pay an excess of €20 for a new phone. If I didn’t have that insurance I would have had to purchase a brand new phone for €400. It really highlighted how essential insurance is in the grand scheme of things.