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motorbike insurance
Motorbike insurance
Motorbike Insurance Quotes

Having trouble finding great value motorbike insurance? Shocked by your renewal quote?

Unlike insurance comparison sites, which canvas insurers directly, you should use the experience of Ireland’s leading insurance brokers to secure a deal you might not be able to access if you approached the insurer independently. In case you wanted to talk to the big companies first, here are a few:

If you want to get the best motorbike insurance you need to shop around and get multiple quotes. We are not an insurance broker and no financial advise is given here but we do have some tips and companies we know do a great job of providing motorcycle insurance in Ireland Motor Cycle Insurance

There’s a few places in Ireland people love to go at the moment for Motorcycle insurance. seems to have the best rates at the moment and are very helpful in their customer service department regarding claims. The are considered Ireland’s largest motorcycle insurance provider.

A couple of their best benefits are the 30 days cover if you fancy a spin around Europe, discounts for credited motorcyclists, 24 hour breakdown assistance and they say on their website theft claims won’t affect your no claims discount.

Their Easyrider plan is very popular but is only available to people over 25 as far as 70, 2 years claims discount and a full clean driving licence. You must also be in the Group 2+ motorcycle bracket.

Liberty Insurance Motorbike Insurance

Liberty insurance have now become a player in the game. They are all over Google when you search for a motorbike insurance quotes so they must be alright. They’re giving free breakdown assistance with their policies and step back no claims protection as well, subject to conditions of course. Here’s a breakdown of their insurance and what they can cover.

Free breakdown cover (inc. home start)yesyesyes
No claims discount protectionoptionaloptionaloptional
Rider assessment discountsyesyesyes
Easy monthly payment planyesyesyes

They also have a policy book for motorbike insurance on their website that might be handy if you needed more information

Maybe Motorbike Insurance Brokers Can Help?

motorcycle insurnace

You could also go down the brokers route if you wanted to meet someone face to face. Insurance brokers help hundreds of customers every week find a low cost insurance deal, which gives them considerable buying power. With so much potential custom, Ireland’s leading insurers want to keep brokers coming back for more.

So, how do they do this? Well, to enhance their relationships with brokers, insurers often offer a cheaper quote than they would if they were approached by a customer independently.

You should contact brokers directly for your motorbike insurance quotes.

Not convinced that the motorbike insurance quotes you’ve received are the best available online? Try contacting a broker directly to get the best possible advice.

We’ve received follow up correspondence from our users saying “thank you for highlighting the top motorbike insurance providers at the moment”.

Customers in some cases can save money by approaching an insurance broker instead of going directly to the insurance underwriting.

You should ensure that any broker you go to directly is regulated by the central bank of Ireland.

Scooter & Moped Insurance

scooter insurance and moped insurance

Owning a scooter is one of the most cost effective forms of transportation. Yes, at times you may find yourself slightly lacking in power, but you more than make up for it in manoeuvrability, low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

To keep your costs low a great value scooter insurance quote is essential. However, finding a cost effective policy from Ireland’s mainstream insurers can be tricky.

How can I find the best scooter insurance quotes?

Ensure any broker you contact is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, know exactly where to turn to find the best value policies in Ireland. It is often niche insurers that offer the lowest priced insurance quotes on less common vehicles, and it is these insurers that many comparison sites fail to include.

First Time Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re a first time buyer of motor insurance you may be expected to pay higher rates. This is normal and comparable with all motor vehicle insurance. No claims bonuses and experience are something insurance companies would hold in high regard.

Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to get some motorbike insurance. Expect 20% – 35% increase compared to experienced motorcycle users with a few years credibility built up.

Classic Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re driving a real classic you may need specialist insurance companies to give you a quote. If you motorbike is over 30 years old you’ll qualify for different tax and insurance rates.

You’d really need to speak to a company over the phone for this to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

What is the Average Cost of Motorbike Insurance a Year?

The Average cost of Motorcycle insurance is around €150 – €700 per year. Motorcycle insurance premiums are dictated by numerous factors.

  1. Do you have a full motorbike licence?
  2. What size is the engine. Insurance for a 50cc will be a lot less than for a 1200 cc sportsbike.
  3. How long you’ve been driving a motorcycle. Age seems to matter.
  4. Have you had an accidents before?

There’s more to consider in getting the official cost of insurance but we’d advice contacting someone via phone to ensure you get the best price. and Liberty Insurance have great customer care for me in the past.

Where Can I Get Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance?

So, Harley Davidson insurance can be a little bit more expensive. Especially if you’re new to owning a motorcycle. They’re a premium brand with a premium price tag, so your insurance is getting a bit more specific.

If you have a classic hog you’re probably going to have to talk to niche insurance companies. are renowned in Ireland for helping classical vehicles get insured on the road. They’ll definitely be worth a call if the larger brands such as Axa or Liberty won’t insure a classic.

FAQ’s about Motorbike Insurance

How Much Does Motorbike Insurance Cost?

Motorcycle insurance cost depends on a number of factors like the size of the engine, the experience of the driver, the age of the bike and previous accident history. Generally insurance can range from €160 – €750.

Who has the best motorcycle insurance?

If you’re in Ireland it seems Axa, Liberty Insurance, Carole Nash and Principle Insurance have the best motorbike insurance policies.

Do you need insurance to drive a 125cc Motorbike

Yes, any vehicle on a public road needs to have insurance to protect the driver and other road users. Although a full drivers licence is not required to drive a 125cc bike, you need to have motorbike insurance.

Do I need a licence to drive a Motorbike or Scooter?

You do not need a full licence to drive a motorbike under 125cc. However you still need a provisional licence which involves completing the theory test. Check out for more information.

What is considered high mileage on a motorcycle?

Anything over 40,000 kilometres is generally considered high mileage. Don’t worry if the motorbike has high mileage. It doesn’t mean it’s in bad condition. It may affect insurance prices slightly but your insurance provider will be able to help with further information.

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