Amazon Music Unlimited Ireland: Cost & FAQ’s

Getting to listen to your favourite music hasn’t been easy, especially if you don’t have the right music subscription. Amazon has been competing for other giants like Shopify, YouTube, Tidal and Apple music to dominate the market for long.

However, when they launched Amazon Music Unlimited, we knew that it would always be on top. Thus, we decide to find out what this subscription was all about and whether it’s worth paying for or not.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

It’s much challenging to new users, whether Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon prime are all the same. However, it’s worth knowing that the Unlimited version contains a list of over 50 million songs with lyrics.

It provides high quality music that can play on various devices plus those that are Alexa enabled. Furthermore, you’ll only pay a monthly subscription fee of £7.99 (€8.80 estimated with exchange rate) for new users, the same price that many kinds of music streaming industries charge.

However, for Amazon single-user subscribers who already own Amazon prime, you’ll not have to pay the £9.99 (€11.05 estimated with exchange rate) but instead £7.99/month. Furthermore, you can also pay annually at the cost of £79, which will enable you to save some bucks. Also, it’s a relief to those having Amazon Echo because they will need only £3.99 monthly subscription for them to get Amazon Music Unlimited. Nonetheless, it’s limiting because you only get to listen to your music via a single Echo device at a time. Sadly, you can’t use the web or mobile apps to listen to music.

If you pay annually you’re able to save between €25 and €35 depending on the offer and exchange rate.

Ease Of Using Amazon Music Unlimited

Different Amazon Music Unlimited Plan
Different Amazon Music Unlimited Plan

Before settling for any subscription, it’s better to identify if its design will favour you or your family. After testing Amazon Music Unlimited, we discovered that whether you are playing it on web, phone, pc or mac, you’ll still get all the features. However, there are minor variations across devices but what you should expect is layout covering Home, Stations, Recommendation and playlists. Also, when you want to browse quickly, then you’ll get tabs with recently added and played music.

The mobile app gives the option to listen to cached songs whenever you are offline. Though it will need you to be active and deactivate this setting whenever you change either form offline to online mode. However, when you are using a desktop app, you can download your favourite song that you own. An option like this is a significant improvement because other competitors like Spotify doesn’t offer a choice of cached songs that you can listen to whenever you are offline.

Also, you can select the music you want via the search bar or ask Alexa to play the music. If your internet connection is secure, it will take a little while, and your music will be on air. However, you can listen to music on up to 10 devices but one at a time unless you have subscribed for a family Amazon Music Unlimited plan.

Amazon Music Unlimited Connectivity

Many homes currently run on smart devices, and we don’t expect to use a music subscription option that won’t connect. Unfortunately, Amazon Music Unlimited for website and desktop app doesn’t allow sending music to other devices. We consider this as a setback. However, we are pleased that the mobile version has inbuilt Airplay. The feature allows connection via Bluetooth so you can use your ordinary speaker.

Contrary to Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify connects easily connect with Echo devices using an app. Perhaps, Amazon is advocating for using your voices to control music. Therefore, this takes us to Alexa and the Echo devices. As long as you are connected, you can command Alexa to play for you any music from your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription lists.

Amazon Music Unlimited: Catalogue & Sound Quality

Just like the name sounds “unlimited music”, you’ll get access to over 50 million music with high quality. If you have ever had your favourite artist in Ireland, just type the name and their music will be at your disposal. Furthermore, the home screen contains a music suggestion based on your previous browsing history so that you get to listen to what you love most. You may perhaps think that the recommendations designed by an algorithm because you’ll enjoy the flow of music.

However, we haven’t discovered the bitrate Amazon Music Unlimited offers although the quality does adjust with strength if your connection, but if you wish, then you can fit it too low, medium or high-quality audio. Also, when using headphones, you’ll get the best sound that is almost similar to 320kbps streams from Spotify.

Amazon Music Unlimited Trial Program

Are you not sure where to subscribe to this program or not? Well, satisfaction is what many of us desired that’s why Amazon included a three months trial period on their unlimited music plan. Over, there are terms and condition that you have to satisfy before you can qualify for this program.

However, you should also be aware that the 3-months trial promotions are active till 11.59 pm 21st July, 2020. Furthermore, only new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers are entitled to this offer through a single-use monthly subscription. Also, when the trial period is over, the plan will be automatically renewed for £9.99 monthly or £7.99 per month for Amazon prime members.

You don’t get to enjoy this offer if you are currently paying, or in a trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. Also, subscribers who had tried/paid for Unlimited music plan do not qualify. Amazon restricts the offer per person and account but also must be over 18 years of age. Also, Amazon UK authorises the program for digital contents provided by

Amazon Music Ireland FAQ’s

What Is The Difference Between Amazon Music Unlimited And Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Music isn’t available in Ireland. Amazon Music Unlimited is Available.

Provided you sign up for Amazon prime, you will get free access to Amazon prime music. When on Amazon Prime music, you’ll get access to 2 million songs together with over a thousand playlists plus Amazons stations. Also, you’ll listen to toad-free music on any device and download them for offline viewing.

However, Amazon Music Unlimited gives you all the features of Amazon Prime music and more advanced ones. The plans provide you with access to 50milion music with over 1000 playlists & stations, all programmed by Amazon experts. If you are Amazon prime music subscriber, you’ll pay £7.99 monthly fee to get to Amazon Music Unlimited plan. If new to Amazon, you’ll pay £9.99/month.

What Do I Need To Know About Amazon Music Unlimited Plan?

According to Amazon, a family member is one with 13 years or more. Also, family accounts are never shared; each member has their account, which I personalised to suit their needs. Also, the person who pays for the family account is one who signs up and pays $14.99/month or $149/year via debit or credit card.

Furthermore, your family members will have their unique music, library recommendation and playlists. Finally, not all family member needs to be prime members to sign up for a family plan. It’s only the primary owner that need to subscribe for prime membership before they can register for the annual subscription.

Single Device Plan: What Is It?

If you own Fire TV or Amazon Echo, you know how essential listening to music can be. For this reason, Amazon rolled out a program to carter for such people. You can listen to music on your Amazon Echo or Fire TV. However, a single device plan will allow you to play music either on Amazon Echo or Fire TV but not a smartphone, computer, tablets or multiple Fire TVs or Amazon Echo.

Is There Amazon Music Unlimited Discount For Students?

Of course, the answer is yes; any students currently enrolled in any recognised university is entitled to Amazon Music Unlimited for students. However, Amazon expects that you verify your identity via a third-party validation platform known as SheerID.

As long as you are studying in any university within the UK, then you can start the verification through the student verification link. If you were previously Amazon prime member, still you will have to undergo through the screening process before you can qualify for Amazon Music Unlimited for the student.

Is There Amazon Music Unlimited Trial Plan?

Amazon launched a trial program that ensures you are satisfied with the quality of service they offer. A 3-month trial period isn’t some offer you would get form competitors like Shopify and Apple tune. However, you must adhere to the terms and condition of their service before you can enjoy this trial period which expires on 21st July 2020 at 11.59 pm.

Between Family Plan, Single Device Plan And Individual Plan, Which One Is Best?

If you have a family of about six and they all prefer listening to different music, then we prefer subscribing for a family plan. However, if you listen to music only on Amazon Echo or Fire TV, then choosing a single device plan option is a good idea. But if you use your tablets, computer, phone, and all Alexa-enables device, then go for an Individual plan.

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