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I’ve recently been spending a lot of time between Dublin and Waterford due to work commitments. The motorway is an absolute blessing but I had one big issue. We were packing the van with our video and lighting equipment every trip. We needed a storage unit in Dublin.

All our video editing is done in Dublin and it was such ridiculous effort to bring back everything every time. Most of my video recording is outsourced to a freelancer that users my lighting and sound tech so I discovered a great solution –

Our employees and freelancers can gain access whenever they feel like it now and I’m able to save space in our office.

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Booking Online: I booked online at the Artane facility. It was super easy. They had excellent graphics available to give us a visual of what size space we’d need. We don’t need to meet anyone if we don’t want to, but I have to say the staff are extremely friendly.

Flexible Contracts: One thing I didn’t want was to have a year long contract which a lot of companies I researched required. works off Flexible contracts and if work in Dublin dries up I can renew my contract every 28 days.

Secure Storage: Obviously security of my equipment was essential due to the fact my lighting and sound equipment is so expensive. They have 24/7 CCTV and the facility itself is very secure. They also have storage insurance when you book online. My security concerns were addressed easily.

Access: Gaining access early in the morning was important for me. Again no issue at all. I noticed a lot of tradesmen gaining access to their storage units early. I can only imagine how handy it is for them for tool and equipment storage. It’s a great option for business storage. To get access all you need to do is ring the gate and you can drive straight up to your storage unit.