Best Sites to Watch Movies Online

Streaming movies online has become so popular that nowadays movies are premiering on different movie streaming sites. The process to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE is very easy and convenient. No wonder watching movies online has become the favorite pastime of so many individuals.

Even though there are plenty of paid and free sites where you can stream movies online, finding the perfect site can be hard. Some sites might not have a vast collection like others, while some might be flooded with too much ads.

To enjoy the experience of watching movies online, you need to find the best site. And to make it easier for you, next 25 best places to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE has been mentioned. So, to know more, do read on.

25 best sites to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE:



If you are looking for a site that is ads free then this site will be the right fit for you. This one happens to be the most popular platform to stream movies online and that too in high quality. There are many Prime Original movies that is a must watch. Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trail. You can take advantage of this offer and see if this site is the right fit for you.



If you are a fan of classic or artsy movies then this one will be the right site to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE. From modern indie hits to unbelievable tales from the Criterion Collection, the site has a great collection.

For free streaming purposes, this one is one of the best sites for free movies. Critically acclaimed movies for free in best to high-quality and so much more this site has to offer for its audience.



The type of service provided by this site is known as VOD (Video On Demand) streaming service.

It provides both paid and free options where you can find tons of great movies. The “Movies On Us” or the free version happen to include ads. You will need an account to use it, however, you do not have to deal with any monthly subscription fee. The app version is available in different platforms.



If you are into thrillers, comedies and more mainstream and blockbuster movies, then this site will be the best site to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE.

Their collection of movies is truly impressive. In exchange for playing ads while you watch, you get an access to a large collection of movies. So, this site is not for those who finds ads annoying. An app is available for Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox or Roku.



YouTube is such a site where you can see many movies for free. Many other movies are available for purchase or rent on this site. In this site there is also the option to prevent ads from playing during a movie for a reasonable price.

The movies and show channel seen on the YouTube homepage is great. Just select “View All” and then select “Free to watch” category. From kid-friendly content to hidden gem movies, this site has a lot to offer.



Just like YouTube, this one also happens to be a video platform. Here the users will be uploading their own clips and movies in HD quality to share them with other users. Here sometimes you may have to pay to watch some movies.

But if you are fans of short films or independent films, then this one will be the best site to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE. It is available as a website and as an Android and iOS app.


WEBSITE: – VPN Required

This site was formerly known as Crackle and this one also happens to be a great site to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE. Here many movies are available for free. The best news is that unlike Popcornflix, you do not have to deal with annoying ads with this one. They are perfect for those who love thriller and action movies. This site is also great for older TV shows.



You can get an access to the Roku Channel if you have a Roku. On this site you will get great free TV shows and movies. Beside being able to stream live shows on this site, you as a user get an ever-changing selection of movies for free. There is the option of adding your premium subscription which can make channels like Showtime and HBO available. The free content is somewhat similar to sites like Popcornflix.



If you need an access to a ton of movies as well TV seasons, then to get hoopla. You will need a valid email address and a library card to be a part of hoopla. This site happens to be a digital service of Midwest Tape. They are known for providing media services and products to libraries. It is available as an app that can be downloaded on your tablet, smartphone, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV and Chromecast devices.


WEBSITE: – VPN required

Working through, this site is the best place to watch critically acclaimed movies for free. You can get access to this site with the help of Amazon Fire products. Just like some of the sites mentioned in this list, this site is ad-supported.

If you got Amazon Prime then can get your hands on free movies through Prime on this site without any ads. To access IMDb TV you will either need an Amazon or IMDb account.



This site also happens to be one of the best places to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE. It features many movies that can be stream in 1080p and 720p. One of the best things about this site is that there is no limit.

So, you have the option to stream as many movies as you want for free. A wide range of movies is available in this site.

12. TUBI


Without any subscription you can watch many great movies (TV shows as well) on this popular movie streaming site. However, here it should be mentioned that these movies are ad-supported. But compared to the other sites, the ad pop-ups available on the site are not that annoying. The mood to continue watching the movie won’t be spoiled. It is available as an app within the Roku Channel list, Amazon App Store, Google Play store and Apple app store.

13. 123MOVIES


One of the most popular long-standing sites to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE, 123movies has an amazing list of old and new movies to choose from. Most movies can be streamed in 1080p. The best thing about this site is that there is little to no ads or pop-ups ruining the experience of online movie streaming. The homepage is kept simple. It features a search bar and list of category options. All you have to do is select the one you want to see.



Compared to the others in this list, this site is somewhat new. The main purpose of this site is to provide a great user interface. For this reason, as a user you will experience lower ad frequency while navigating and/or viewing media. If you want to stream movies online that has been premiered recently, then this site is definitely for you.



For a high definition experience, you can try streaming movies in 1080p from this site. The simple interface of this site is one of the reasons why it is a favorite of many.

The main menu is precise and compact, and from there you get the option to search for movies by country, genre and more.

However, the best feature has to be the “description” part where the “Watch Trailer” button is. So, you will have the option to get an idea about the movie before playing it.



One of the best things about this site is that it provides a great list of filters which allows you to sort through different categories and genres. As a user you will get a backup source that will be listed below the movie of your choosing.

For any reason you find that the movie you picked is not playing from the chosen server, then there is always the option to use the backup as an alternative option for viewing.



The clean interface of this site is the reasons why it is considered as one of the best places to view movies. Here you have to click the play button couple of times before the streaming can begin. Once the media starts playing, then there will be no lagging or buffering for nearly all titles that is there within this site.



The search function, smooth playback option, impressive user interface, low ads and a brilliant library are the reasons why this site is the best.

The uniqueness of this site is that it happens to be a fully automated video search engine. If you are looking for the latest releases, then definitely give this site a try.



This site is great to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE that are popular and crowd-favorite. You are getting a great list of movies in high definition quality. This one also does not require you to sign up to access the site.

It has few ads and pop-ups. Use adblocker to ensure that you can start the movie with just a couple of clicks on the play button.



This free streaming site is a great place to watch new and old movies for free. The best thing about this site is that there will be no ads and popups. Here you can watch any movie you like without signing up.

It has a great collection of HD quality movies as well as TV shows. You can filter movies based on release date, country, genre and more.



This site offers a great big collection of movies that you can watch online without registration and even downloading. You can find the movie of your choice from the search box provided at the top of the site.

With every movie you are getting the story line, casts, IMBD rating and director/producer information. You are also getting more than 5 streaming server links.

So, even if one link is not working, you have the option to choose another. It is best for movies from other countries.



The sign-up procedure is optional in this site.

Here you get an extensive collection of movies. The movies are categorized into different genres which makes picking an appropriate movie easier.

The site will be providing more than three streaming links. However, it will ask you to stream with uStream server.



Without sign up you can enjoy streaming different movies from this site. You will not face any ads when recommended tools are in use. If not, then you have to face a lot of ads. The movies can be categorized alphabetically or by release date and genres. Here around two servers will be provided to play any movie. Here you can even leave comments under the movie.



Here registration is optional. There is a large collection of movies from all over the world available on this site. All information about the movie are shown to the user so that they can make the decision to watch a particular movie. The site is perfect for those who are constantly looking for new movies to see.



This site is for those who love classic and black-and-white movies. This site captures all media (including movies) that have entered the public domain. If a content is old then such content is no longer subjected to copyright laws. So, old movies in this site are free to watch. This site is perfect for those who wants to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE that where released few decades ago. Fans of movies released during 1920s and 1930s would love this site.


There you have it, the list of 25 best places to WATCH MOVIES ONLINE. The site mentioned in the list provide a ton of facilities when it comes to streaming movies online for free. But some above sites listed serve better after making a payment for a subscription.

However, before you pay for a subscription or membership, it is recommended that you go for the free trails first. Get the vibe of the site with the free portion of the site. If you like what you see, then only go for the paid section of the sites mentioned above.