Everything You Need to Know About Audible

Saturday Mornings are my cleaning mornings; this was decided by herself one Friday night when the topic of helping around the house more was brought up. This particular Friday night is also the night I discovered Audible. 

I value my time off work, and on a Saturday morning, I would prefer to grab a coffee and read a book. I wasn’t going to win the battle of not helping so I thought to myself, what could I do while cleaning; my partner suggested audiobooks. 

A quick Google and straight up the top was Audible, an Amazon Company. The World’s largest storage of online audiobooks. Their tagline got me straight away; Stories that speak to you. Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere. 

My inner voice –‘Sold!’.

I’m from Ireland, so I was directed to the website – £7.99 a month. Just over €10 when it leaves my account and entitles me to one credit every month.

Irish people are charged in Sterling Pounds through Amazon so depending on the currency Audible can be cheaper than €10.

I can honestly say it’s by far my best purchase I’ve ever made. That’s because I love to learn and I’ve taken advantage of buying self-help, motivational vand business books. Knowledge is power, as they say. 

So after initially hating the thought of helping around the house, I now relish the time, so I can digest some helpful information that motivates me to do better in my life. 

I also partake in fiction, the occasion biography and crime thriller. It has something for everyone. 

If like me you have to do the cleaning or some monotonous tasks every day or week. You should invest in Audible so you can kill two birds with one stone. 

Here’s a link to the free trial – Audible Free Trial in Ireland. 

I’ve discussed my ‘why’ I picked Audible. Now let me answer a few more questions on it. 


audible personalisation

I love how Audible give recommendation based on my previous purchases. I even get alert notifications to let me know new books are available.

Others ask whether audible is cheaper than the hard copy written book or not. For all those questions and many others you have wished to know about audible, you need not worry any more. Below is everything you need to know about audible.

How does audible work?

audible free trial

Audible works by starting you off on a 30-day free trial which comes with a free audiobook credit.

Every month, a new credit is purchased automatically and applied to the Audible account which can be used to bu one audiobook. As a premium new audible member, you will receive one credit every month. That credit can be used on one book of any price each month.

After your 30 day free trial is finished audible will automatically charge their monthly fee. You need to remember the 30 day trial cancellation date or you’ll be autonewed and the card associated with the account will be charged.

Audible doesn’t ask if you want to continue. They have this in their terms and conditions when you start the free trial.

Many people usually ask how audible work. Audible has been categorised as one of the largest subscription services for audiobook available across the globe.

They do create authentic and original content which is not found in any other part of the world.

They have both lengthy audible and also six original shorter monthly audible where members are given priority to choose two for free each month. 

They also offer daily deal audiobook services where one can have access to some unlimited additional titles. 

What do you need to use audible?

complete list of devices to use with audible.

All you need to use audible is to just sign up with your Amazon account and then download the audible app of which it can be used by many devices and platforms. 

It’s available on Android and Apple. I mainly listen on my smartphone but occasionally I’ll listen by logging into the audible account on my mac. 

In case you have never signed up with amazon account, you will have to create one.

How to sign up with audible?

Signing up to audible

Those people who do not have an account with audible and they wish to join; they may be interested to know the procedure to follow to create an account.

To create an account, the simplest way to sign up is through, the great thing about starting is you’re offered a 30 day free trial, so if you don’t like it you won’t loose any money. 

You’ll need a valid credit or debit card. 

Once you get signed in, on the top right corner, your available credits will be displayed.

How much does an audible cost?

Irish people get charged by UK pricing so depending on the price of sterling it can be more or less than €10 month.

Use a currency calculator on the prices below:

Membership PlanPriceAudible Credits
1 Book Monthly Membership£7.99/month1 credit per month
2 Book Monthly Membership£14.99/month2 per month
12 Book Annual Membership£69.99/year12 per year at time of enrollment
24 Book Annual Membership£109.99/year24 per year at time of enrollment

On the amount to spend on audible, it all depends on the plan you want.

Besides, all members are entitled to 30% off to any cash purchase and in case there is an audiobook they don’t love within the year of purchase, they can go and exchange with another audiobook of their preference.

How to browse Audible

it's easy to browse audible

To browse audible, it’s as easy as the blink of an eye. On the top of the page, there is an option to browse and once you click there, there is a drop-down menu on which you can click on. 

Then, different categories are displayed including kids, horror and religion, and from here you can get started. In case you have decided to purchase a title, audible gives you two options whether to do it through credit or cash purchase.

Immediately you purchase, audible will not hesitate to send you the title to your app to which you can listen to it using your device. 

The interesting part of it is that the feature where you left of and in case you want to continue, it will start from there as long as you are connected to the internet.

Returning audible audiobooks

return audiobooks on audible
After a period of time you become ‘not eligible for return’

I purchased a book on affiliate marketing. It turned out to be a terrible purchase. The book was narrated by a fake robotic voice and wasn’t something I was prepared to listen to. 

Here is how to go about it.

Just go to the audible website and log in to your account.

Then select your name and account details from the drop-down menu

On the left-hand side of the menu, click purchase history

At that point, you will see the details of all the titles you have purchased and the date they were purchased and whether they were purchased through cash or credit.

From there, find the title you want to return and click the return order button.

Automatically you will have your credit back and can continue ordering more.

If you’ve listened to the entire book, it’s gone over a certain period or you’re regularly buying and returning Amazon reserve the right not to give you your credit back. 

What perks do you get as a member?

Once you are a member, you are entitled to several packages which include your monthly or yearly credit and access to audible originals plus two originals a month and a 30% discount on titles you buy on a cash basis.

  • Monthly or annual credits that can be applied to any title on Audible. 
  • Select up to 2 titles each month. 
  • 30% discount on additional purchases from audible. 
  • Easy audio book exchanges. 
  • Access to Original and Premium podcasts. 
  • Daily deals on popular titles. 
  • You can get some complimentary newspaper subscriptions. 

Is Audible free with amazon prime?

No, audible is a separate product from Amazon prime

Your prime account does give you access to some audible originals but some limitations are there. 

How does the audible app work?

Audible app administrator has made it simpler and easy to use their app. 

However, you can only browse and manage your titles here but you cannot make any purchase using the app or their official website.  

How do you cancel an audible membership?

cancelling audible

If by chance you have ever purchased any title or any membership option, cancelling is just easy and you need to do the following.

Visit the audible official website and click on the account details from the drop-down menu listed with your name.

Then under your membership, click on the cancel membership.

You will then be asked if you want to cancel your membership and accepting, your membership will be cancelled successfully.

The same procedure is followed if you had purchased yearly membership and wish to cancel your membership but you should know that you will not be refunded for your purchase.

Do you retain access to your audiobooks after you’ve cancelled your subscription?

Yes, the brilliant thing about audible is you retain access to all of your purchases. 

Even if you lose your device you’ll be able to retreive all your audible audiobooks thank to cloud storage.

Audible pricing

On audible pricing, you are capable of getting Audible for a 30-day free trial and from there qualified to claim one free audiobook, however, you are required to add details of your credit card to start the free trial. After your 30-day trial expires, you will be entitled to an additional cost of € per month but in case you are not satisfied with that, you can cancel your subscription anytime you wish to.

How to save money on audible?

If you are a member who spends his credit monthly, then, saving your money is guaranteed because you can purchase an individual audiobook which will cost less than any other credit title.

Same way if you plan to more than one audiobook, a monthly subscription is cost-effective. Also, audible has a great deal with their member where they can save up to 60% on a single cost of an audiobook.

A trick I’ve used and is note worthy is if you have too many credits left at the end of the year you should cancel your account while you get through your books.

Amazon also start giving you different marketing offers when you cancel. I got an offer of €2.99 a month for 3 months before and they you go back to regular pricing.

Is audible worth it?

If you love reading and have the time to consume books, the stick to reading. But if you’re like me and have monotonous tasks that require little concentration, then audible is 100% worth it. 

If you are one of the people who love listening to new ideas, then, a monthly subscription to Audible is worth it since it offers a platform to acquire new ideas.

With audible, you can listen and make notes as opposed to when reading a hard copy or ready the manual on a screen. 

Here are my audiobooks stored?

Audible has taken care of their customers where they store their books on the cloud and members can access them anytime they want using their phones.

Can one have multiple users on one account?

It is possible to run three audible mobile apps at once. Through this, a member can use two to three devices using the same account that is you can log in to one account using up to three devices.

Can one exchange a free credit book for another after reading it?

Of course yes, in case you have a book and you feel its kind boring to you, audible offers an open forum where you can take the book back and exchange for another.

Can one listen to a book more than once?

Yes, at the moment you download a book, audible offers a great deal where you can re-download the book and listen to it again. 

How can one review an audiobook?

First of all, make sure that you are logged in to your account, then go to the book details page and then click add review if you are using the app and if you are using the website, go to the book details page and scroll down to the reviews. 

Then from there make sure that you want to give a rating as well as giving your critic to the book and offer an overview about the book so that other listeners may make their decisions to listen to the book or not.

What content is considered inappropriate?

Some members may give a view which may be irrelevant or give views with the intent to insult the author and in this case, such views are immediately removed from the site.

What makes this Audible benefit unique?

Exclusive members have free benefits unlock to full-length audiobooks together with audible produced podcasts. 

Also, if you want to listen to the news, you can listen to all top news either from the New York Times or even Washington post all through the audible channel.

How does whispersync do?

I love this feature. Basically, it syncs your audiobook with your ebook. 

This was you can switch back and forth between reading and listening and never lose track of where you were in the book. 

An example of how I used whisper sync recently was when I travelled back from a morning coffee shop. After coffee, I had to go from Waterford to Cork. Thanks to Whisper sync I was able to listen to my audiobook from the last point I read on my kindle. 

Can one listen to top authors narrate their books?

Yes, audible has over 200,000 audiobooks of which they include both upcoming narrators and also those who their audiobook have been categorised as the best seller.


It is always good to get informed about any issue you feel that you are not clear about or where you feel that you need more elaboration about a certain product or anything. 

Because when you get informed you add extra knowledge in your life I’d say Audible is definitely worth it.

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