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Best Electric Cars in Ireland

You can simply avoid the petrol queue and buy the electric cars for your benefits.

These cars are cost saving than the petrol or diesel cars. In the electronic industry, these cars are the mostly competitive productions.

You can also join the electronic revolution.

These are the actual cars for future. These cars can serve you the top class performance and quality services as well.

You can enjoy your ride. These cars have proved the 100% satisfaction of the customers as well.

You can also recommend these cars to others. There are so many top class electronic cars available in Ireland. Let’s have a quick glance on these cars.

Best electronic cars in Ireland:

BMW i3

BMW i3

This is one of the top most cars in the list. Everyone sees the dream to have this car. You can get a stylish ride with the advancement of high tech platform.

This is a supercar that can draw attention in the crowd and traffic. It has larger capacity battery. It can drive up to 153 miles per battery charge.

You can also get the standard navigation system with upgraded software. You can also get the LED headlights.

You can also get the Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless smartphone charging facility.

You can get the modern interior styling facility as well with this car. You can also keep the small item throughout the cabin area.

You can also get the rotary knob infotainment controller.

Be Expected to Pay at Least €36,600 – €51,710BWW Website

Jaguar I Pace

jaguar I pace

Jaguar is like the top most cars in everyone’s list. It can compete with any other cars on road. People are getting easily attracted towards this model. This model is purely Battery Electric Vehicle.

You will definitely get thrilled at the time of driving. Jaguar promises to make the electrifying cars.

The cabin of these cars is so much homely and comfortable as well. The interior of the car is roomy as well.

It is a premium quality electric vehicle in the world.

Expect to spend €81,320 for this car modelJaguar Website

Volkswagen eGolf

volkswagon golf electric car

This one you can get at a comparatively low budget than other cars. You can get the most exciting driving experience from this car.

You can get both security and comfort from this electric vehicle.

This car comes with a golf shape. The shape of the car is fantastic and appealing as well.

You can enjoy your fun drive with this particular model.

Cost is between €30,000 – €42,000Volkswagen Website

Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf

This brand is in the forward line in case of electric vehicle list. It is one of the best-selling electric cars in the world. This car model is well equipped too.

You can get so many benefits with this car. You can these all benefits within your limited budget as well. So, you can go for this car model.

If you want to enjoy the best experience, then you should go for this car. It is the best and top class electric vehicle in the market.

This car is built with advanced technique and powerful material.

Expected Cost – €28,000 to €34,000 – Nissan Website

Tesla Model X

tesla electric car

You can get the stylish and astonishing look in this range.

This car is manufactured with high tech built quality. You can enjoy your smart ride with this one.

We don’t have to say too much about Tesla. They’re probably the best electric car on the market. The CEO is such an envirnomentalist that he realised his patent on Tesla too allow other manufacturers make the world a better place.

Tesla’s cost around €90,000 in IrelandTesla Website

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

It is a refined and comfortable car in Ireland. This car is good enough for so many purposes.

You can enjoy your drive with this car. The look of the car is obviously impressive and attractive as well.

You can get the automatic emergency braking with this car. You can also get the electric interior and exterior facility as well.

The interior space of the car is generous as well. You can get comfort while driving this car.

It can run up to 124 miles after full charge. It can give you the 104 horsepower as well.

Average prices range between €34,000 and €40,000 in Ireland. Hyundai Website

Renault Zoe

electric cars ireland

It is one of the affordable electric vehicles in the Ireland market. It comes with big battery.

You can get a decent look at affordable range as well.

This affordable little electric beast would cost between €23,000 and €29,000 in Ireland. Check out the Renualt Zoe Website.

Nissan NV200 Combi

nissan v200

You can choose this electronic van.

This is the best-selling van in the market. It is an excellent and outstanding option in the business city and business purposes as well.

You can get so many benefits with this particular car.

You can get the ultra-low running cost with this van. You can choose this van for your benefits and for the purpose of the eco-friendly environment as well.

Expect costs between €38,000 to €42,000 in Ireland. Nissan Website.

Renault Kangoo Z.E

kangoo electric van

It is 100% electric van. It is the cost efficient and versatile as well. You can get this electric van just at . This van has too much load capacity. You can also get the ultra-low running cost.

You can enjoy the driving with this marvellous van. You can also get the easy charging solution at home or at the charging stations as well. This van completes your professional needs as well.

This van is built with perfect technology and user comfort facility. You can enjoy the innovative system with this van.

Prices Start from €28,000Renault Kangoo Website


These are the top most electric cars in Ireland. You can enjoy the driving with these cars. You can get so many facilities with these top most cars. These cars are looking attractive and powerful.

You can enjoy your ride and these cars can surely change your driving experience as well.

You will be surely satisfied with these electronic cars. You can also do some research before buying any one. Distance per charge is definitely something to be aware of. It’s harder for us to judge these nowadays but we need to be aware due to the lack of electric charging points country wide at the moment.

It’ll be a good idea to test drives of any these vehicles before you purchase.

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