best smart watches in 2019

Best Smartwatch in 2020 – [Updated]

he technological advancements have led to the evolving of advanced equipment like smartwatches.

A smartwatch is a main mainstream in technology. Statistics show that approximately 35million smartwatches are expected to have been purchased by the end of 2018. There are a number of high tech smartwatches that you can choose from.

They include Apple watches, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy, and Fossil. Choosing the best performing watch is sometimes tough but this guide will help you.

LG Watch

The LG smartwatch is among the few remaining watches that provide specific specs like LTE to ditch a smartphone. The LG watch is slim and has a waterproof feature, GPS and NFC used or google play.

It has a 1.38-inch screen and its packing is still expertly done. LG are of high demand and unfortunately, it is becoming tougher to get them. The sooner you access it, the better you will get to access the LTE, GPS, and NFC support. This watch also helps you as you are working out.

It keeps track of the reps in the gym and tracks the rate of your heart in your activities. The shortcoming of this watch is that the water resistant feature resists water that is 1.5metres for 30 minutes hence making it unreliable while you are swimming.

It is also bulky because it has a wide 46mm with the depth holding much weight. The size of LG Watch is overbearing for some users but considering the fact that it has the most awesome features is worth purchasing.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple is one of the most outstanding gadgets in the market. It is an outstanding brand among other brands because of its quality.

Research shows that the outline of Apple Watch is unique with improved features that outstand the previous Apple Watches in the market.

Some of the improvement in the specs include that the new apple will have a roundabout plan instead of what was previously there which had a customary square outline.

The Apple watch in 2019 will contain a much superior and more enhanced superior chip in it and a limited RAM, compared to the current Apple in the market which is fast to deal with.

The forthcoming Apple Watch will also have the equipment including the screen dozing designs, it will be able to tell your heart rate, the number of calories consumed, the steps tally and other calculations.

The new Apple Watch will also help you connect to your iPhone, and will be waterproof. This feature will help you hile in the swimming pool to record the number of laps you take. Finally, the finishing of this watch will resemble the iPhone X finishing and with a screen edge.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung is also a highly rated brand and when it comes to watches, it is among the best watches globally. Galaxy Watches come with a GPS devise that helps you know your location. In addition, it contains an inbuilt barometer and altimeter.

The two help you when you need a break from a fatigued chore. It is 5ATM water resistance hence you can wear it in the rain.

The standard durability of this watch allows you to be active while at outdoors and helps you endure in rough conditions. Another advantage of this watch is that it allows you to make purchases with it on the wrist.

If you have the Samsung you simply flick your wrist and everything is sorted out. When it comes to charging, this watch is the easiest to charge. Just set it down on a wireless charging port and the charging process automatically begins on its own.

The Samsung watch also helps in controlling your appliances like the TV or the air conditioner, robot vacuum cleaner. It uses a personalized set of commands to help carry out multiple actions at once.

Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch 2 is simply the union of traditional watchmaking and cutting-edge technology. This watch is light in weight. It has a sleek design with a water and dust resistance of IP68. It has a 4G connectivity that gives you the freedom to be away from your phone but you will be able to make calls.

The professional running coach feature in it will keep you motivated and your location and activity will be tracked by the GPS it has.

This watch matches with iOS and Android phones that are running on iOS 8.2+ and Android 4.3+. Also the watch can use data or Wi-Fi.

Fossil Q Venture HR

Fossil watch is a close perfection of smartwatches. This watch is small and slim, is at the fourth generation Q Venture HR hence women prefer it. it has a monitor that checks your heart rate.

It also contains an NFC chip and GPS that helps you make payment without contact and tracking your activity. This watch is among the leading watches that use the Google update wear OS interface hence improving the experience of the watch.